NSE Kenya: Official Listed Companies

For an economy to grow, money needs to shift from less to more productive activities.

When you buy a share in a company, you become an investor and thereby an owner of a piece of that company’s profit or losses.

The NSE market is open Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Trading activities start at 9.00 am and continues until 3.00 pm.

Members of the public can view the market from the public gallery at any time while the market is open. The market is closed during public holidays.

Shares are grouped into 4 sectors namely Agriculture, Commercial and Services, Financial and Industrial & Allied sectors.

The shares are displayed in alphabetical order in each group for easy location by investors viewing trading from the public gallery.

This article notes down all the listed companies according to how they are classified in Kenya's Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) 2019.

What is the importance of NSE market to the economy?

1. Enabling idle money and savings to become productive by bringing the borrowers and lenders of money together at a low cost.

The lenders (all savers) become the investors. They lend/invest and expect a profit/financial reward. The borrowers also known as issuers in the markets borrow and promise to pay the lenders a profit. We therefore encourage savings and investments.

2. Educating the public about the higher profits in shares and bonds; how to buy and sell; when and why to buy and sell. We also educate the public on how to invest together as a group.

3. Facilitating good management of companies by asking them to give periodic reports of their performance.

4. Providing a daily market reports and price list to ensure that investors know the worth of their assets at all times.

5. Providing financial solutions to common problems. Shares and bonds are accepted guarantees for Co-operative Society’s and bank loans.

Shares and bonds can be planned, with the help of a money manager, to pay for school fees, medical, car and other insurance schemes, pension or retirement plans etc.

6. Through shares and bonds, the government, small and big companies, cooperatives societies and other organizations can raise money to expand their business activities, make a profit, create employment and generally help the economy to grow.

Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) Listed companies

1. ARM Cement


ARM Cement Plc, formerly Athi River Mining Limited is engaged in the manufacture and sale of cement, mining and processing of industrial minerals and chemicals, trading in other building products and the sale of fertilizers.

Website: www.armafrica.com

2. B O C Kenya (BOC)

Basic Materials

BOC Kenya Limited is a Kenya-based company, primarily engaged in the chemical industry.

The Company, along with its subsidiaries, is engaged in the manufacture and sale of industrial and medical gases, as well as the sale of welding products. It has operations in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Website: www.boc.co.ke

3. Bamburi Cement


Bamburi Cement Limited is a Kenya-based company engaged in the manufacture and sale of cement and cement-related products.

It also owns and manages a nature and environmental park developed from rehabilitated quarries. 

Website: www.lafarge.co.ke

4. Barclays Bank of Kenya (BBK)


Barclays Bank of Kenya Ltd is a Kenya-based bank. It operates in two segments: Consumer Banking and Corporate Banking.

The Consumer Banking segments is engaged in incorporating private customer current accounts, savings, deposits, credit and debit cards, consumer loans and mortgages.

The Corporate Banking segment is engaged in incorporating direct debit facilities, current accounts, deposits, overdrafts, loan and other credit facilities, foreign currency dealings and derivative products.

Its loans includes Barclayloan, scheme Loan, payroll Loan, salary advance, expatriate loan, secured loan, auto loan and mortgages.

Its credit cards include Barclaycard Visa Classic, Barclaycard Visa Gold, Barclays Premier, League card, Company card and Secured Gold. Its business banking includes accounts, loans and business club.

Its electronic banking includes Internet banking, mobile banking, cash send and Barclays Pingit.

Website: www.barclays.co.ke

5. BK Group


BK Group Plc (Formerly Bank of Kigali Limited) is the largest bank in Rwanda by total assets, with 36.1% market share as of 31 March 2014.

The Bank has a distribution network comprising 65 branches, 66 ATMs and 620 agent outlets and serves over 223,000 individuals and 20,000 legal entities.

Website: www.bk.rw

6. Britam (Kenya)


Formerly British-American Investments Company (Kenya) Limited, Britam Holdings is a holding and investment company.

The Company operates in four segments: long term insurance business, short term insurance business, asset management, and corporate and other. Long term insurance business includes protection of the Company

Website: www.britam.com

7. BAT Kenya (BATK)

Consumer Goods

British American Tobacco Kenya Ltd (British American Tobacco Kenya Limited) is a Kenya-based company.

The Company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of cigarettes and tobacco.

The Company manufactures and sells cigarettes to distributors and fellow subsidiaries of the ultimate parent company. Its parent company is British American Tobacco plc.

Website: www.batkenya.com

8. Car & General (K)

Consumer Services

Car & General (Kenya) Limited is a Kenya-based holding company engaged in the sales and service of power equipment, household goods, agricultural tractors and implements, marine engines, motor cycles, motor cars, three-wheeler vehicles, commercial laundry equipment, commercial engines and general goods.

Website: www.cargen.com

9. Carbacid Investments

Basic Materials

Carbacid (CO2), Ltd. is a liquefied carbon dioxide manufacturer.

The Company, based in Kenya, manufactures and supplies carbon dioxide, gases and gas mixtures.

It is engaged in production, purification and distribution.

Website: www.carbacid.co.ke

10. Centum Investment


Centum Investment Company Ltd is a Kenya-based investment company.

The Company provides investors with access to a portfolio of inaccessible, quality, diversified investments.

The Company focuses in three business lines namely Private Equity, Quoted Private Equity and Real Estate and Infrastructure. T

Website: centum.co.ke

11. CIC Insurance Group


The Co-operative Insurance Company of Kenya Limited (CIC Insurance) was established in 1978 and was formerly known as Co-operative Insurance Services Limited (CIS).

In 1999, the company name was changed to the Co-operative Insurance Company of Kenya Limited (CIC Insurance).

The company underwrites both Life and General classes of insurance.

Website: cic.co.ke

12. Co-operative Bank of Kenya


The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd is a Kenya-based company that offers banking and related services.

The Company is primarily involved in corporate and retail banking, investment and asset management services in various parts of Kenya. 

Website: co-opbank.co.ke

13. Crown Paints Kenya

Basic Materials

Crown Paints Kenya Plc (Formerly Crown Paints Kenya Limited) is a Kenya-based paint manufacturing company.

The Company, together with its subsidiaries, is engaged in the manufacture and sale of paints, adhesives, decorating sundries, polyvinyl acetate (PVA) emulsion, alkyd resins and tins. 

Website: www.crownpaints.co.ke

14. Deacons (East Africa)

Consumer Services

Deacons owns and manages a chain of fashion and lifestyle retail stores in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, namely, Woolworths, Truworths, Identity, Mr. Price Home, Mr. Price Clothing, 4u2, Angelo, Adidas, Lifefitness and Babyshop.

Through thirty two retail outlets, its stores offer fashionable clothing and apparel, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and children; home textiles, kitchenware, and home accessories; products to athletes in various sports, including football, running, training, and basketball; fitness equipment for commercial and consumer needs; and baby products.

Website: www.deaconsea.com

15. Diamond Trust Bank Kenya


Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Ltd is a Kenya-based bank that is engaged in the provision of a range of corporate, retail and commercial banking services to individual and business customers.

The Bank offers deposit accounts, debit and credit cards, money transfer, asset finance, insurance premium finance facility, trade finance and cash management. In addition the Bank also provides electronic banking services.

The Bank operates through its subsidiaries, namely Diamond Trust Bank Tanzania Limited, Diamond Trust Bank Uganda Limited, Diamond Trust Bank Burundi SA, Diamond Trust Insurance Agency Limited, Premier Savings and Finance Limited and Network Insurance Agency Limited.

As of December 31, 2011, the Bank operated 36 branches in Kenya.

Website: www.dtbafrica.com

16. Eaagads

Consumer Goods

EAAGADS Limited is principally engaged in the growing and selling of coffee.

17. East African Breweries

Consumer Goods

East African Breweries Limited (EABL) is a Kenya-based holding company, which manufactures branded alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

EABL's core brands include, among others, Tusker, Pilsner, Bell Lager, Guinness, Malta Guinness, Alvaro, Uganda Waragi, Senator, Johnie Walker and Smirnoff Ice. The Company

Website: www.eabl.com

18. East African Cables (CABL)


East African Cables is a Kenya-based company engaged in the manufacture and sale of electrical cables and conductors.

Its product range includes copper cables, aluminum conductors, fiber optic cables, as well as telecommunication and data cables and related accessories.

Website: www.eacables.com

19. East African Portland Cement


East African Portland Cement Plc (Formerly East African Portland Cement Company Limited) is a Kenya-based company engaged in the manufacturing and selling of cement.

It sells its products under the brand name Blue Triangle. Blue Triangle is used for cementing, mortar and concrete building applications.

The Company also manufactures custom-made cement products for use in construction, as well as pre-cast concrete items, such as paving blocks, tiles, building blocks, and pre-stressed concrete components.

East African Portland Cement's concrete pavers are used in the construction of roads, hydraulic and marine structures, walkways, parking areas, petrol stations and go-down floors.

Website: www.eastafricanportland.com


20. Equity Group Holdings (EQTY)


Equity Group Holdings Plc, formerly Equity Bank Limited, is a Kenya-based bank engaged in the provision of retail banking, microfinance, and related services to individuals, and small and medium sized enterprises in Kenya, Uganda, southern Sudan, and Rwanda.

It offers various banking products, including current, equity ordinary, super junior investment, Jijenge, equity business and current accounts, and call and fixed deposit accounts, and business and development loans, agricultural loans, working capital loans, educational loans, medical loans, salary advances, equiloans, asset finance and insurance premium finance, shares finance loans, and Fanikisha loans.

Website: www.equitybankgroup.com

21. Eveready East Africa (EVRD)

Consumer Goods

Eveready East Africa is a Kenya-based company active in manufacture and sale of Eveready branded dry cells D size batteries in East Africa, as well as trade of an assortment of imported Eveready branded flashlights, batteries, razors and accessories. The Company

Website: www.eveready.co.ke

22. Express Kenya (XPRS)

Consumer Services

Express Kenya Ltd is a Kenya-based company engaged in the provision of clearing and forwarding services for air and sea, as well as warehousing and logistics services.

It operates through five divisions: sea freight, air freight, packing and removals, transport, as well as warehousing. The ultimate holding company of Express Kenya Limited 
is Etcoville Holdings Limited.

Website: expresskenya.co.ke

23. Flame Tree Group Holdings (FTGH)

Basic Materials

Flame Tree is a leading regional manufacturing Group, with operations in Mauritius, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Dubai and Mozambique.

It operates in fmcg, plastics and trading, with a brand portfolio that includes Roto Tanks, Jojo Plastics, Zoe, Cerro, Alana Skin, Siora, Happy

Website: www.flametreegroup.com

24. HF Group (HFCK)


Formerly Housing Finance Company of Kenya Limited, HF Group is a Kenya-based mortgage finance institution.

The Company operates in two segments: Mortgages and Deposits mobilisation.

Website: hfgroup.co.ke

25. Home Afrika


Home Afrika Limited is Kenya’s only publicly traded property developer. Home Afrika plans to expand into six African countries starting from 2014.

The company will construct homes in Tanzania, Rwanda, Angola, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Ghana. The new markets will be covered by regional offices in Nairobi, Johannesburg and Abuja, Karuri.

Website: www.homeafrika.com

26. I&M Holdings (IM)


I&M Holdings Plc, formerly I&M Holdings Limited (formerly City Trust Ltd), is a Kenya-based company. The Principal activity of the Company is buying and selling of investments.

Website: www.imbank.com

27. Jubilee Holdings (JUB)


Jubilee Holdings Ltd is a Kenya-based investment holding company.

The Company transacts all classes of general and long term insurance business through its subsidiaries: the Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya Limited, the Jubilee Insurance Company of Uganda Limited, the Jubilee Insurance Company of Tanzania Limited and Jubilee Insurance (Mauritius) Ltd.

Website: www.jubileeinsurance.com

28. Kakuzi (KUKZ)

Consumer Goods

Formerly Kakuzi Limited, Kakuzi Plc is engaged in the cultivation of tea, growing, packing and selling of avocados, livestock farming, growing and selling of pineapples, and forestry and macadamia development. The Company

Website: www.kakuzi.co.ke

29. Kapchorua Tea Kenya (KAPC)

Consumer Goods

Kapchorua Tea Kenya Plc (Formerly Kapchorua Tea Company Limited) is a Kenyan company engaged in the cultivation, manufacture and sale of tea.

Website: www.williamsontea.com

30. KCB Group


KCB Group Plc, formerly KCB Group Limited, is a financial institution.

The Bank provides corporate and retail banking and Bancassurance services in various parts of the country. It offers corporate and retail banking services.

Its segments include Retail banking, Corporate banking, Mortgages and Treasury.

It also participates in investments in Treasury Bills and Bonds from the Central Banks. The Company is cross listed in the Dar-es-salaam, Uganda and Rwanda Stock Exchanges.

Website: www.kcbgroup.com

31. KenGen Company (KEGN)


Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited (KenGen) is a Kenya-based electric power generation company.

The Company is engaged in the business of developing, managing and operating power generation plants to supply electric power to the Kenyan market.

Website: www.kengen.co.ke

32. KenolKobil (KENO)

Oil & Gas

Kenolkobil is a Kenya-based company engaged in the importation of crude oil for refining, trading, storage and distribution of refined and other petroleum products.

The Company operates in six segments: Fuel Business, Lubricants, Fuel Card, K-gas, Supply & Trading, Export Sales and Non-Fuel Business.

Its subsidiaries include Kobil Petroleum Ltd, Kobil Uganda Limited, Kobil Tanzania Limited, Kobil Zambia Limited, Kobil Rwanda SARL, Kobil Petroleum Rwanda Limited, Kobil Ethiopia Limited, Kobil Burundi SA, Kobil Mozambique and Kobil DRC.

Website: www.kenolkobil.com

33. Kenya Airways (KQ)

Consumer Services

Kenya Airways is a Kenya-based company that operates in the aviation industry.

It is engaged in international, regional and domestic carriage of passengers and cargo by air, the provision of ground handling services to other airlines and the handling of import and export cargo.

The Company operates domestic flights and flies to 56 destinations in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe. As on March 31, 2012, the Company had 34 aircraft, either owned or on operating leases.

Kenya Airways Limited operates through several subsidiaries, including Kenya Airfreight Handling Limited, African Cargo Handling Limited, Kencargo Airlines International Limited and Flamingo Airlines Limited.

Website: www.kenya-airways.com

34. Kenya Orchards (ORCH)

Consumer Goods

Kenya Orchards Limited is a Kenya-based company engaged in the farming sector.

The Company is primarily involved in the distribution of processed fruits, vegetables and other food products.

Website: www.njorocanning.co.ke

35. Kenya Power & Lighting (KPLC)


Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited is engaged in the transmission, distribution and retail of electricity purchased in bulk from Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited (KenGen), Independent Power Producers (IPPs), Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) and Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO). The Company operates in four regions: Nairobi, Coast, West Kenya and Mount Kenya.

Website: www.kplc.co.ke

36. Kenya Re-Insurance Corporation (KNRE)


Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Limited is engaged in the underwriting all classes of reinsurance business and investment activities.

The Company reinsures all classes of insurance business, including accident, engineering, liability, motor, fire, aviation and life. It also offers risk management services to its clients.

Website: www.kenyare.co.ke

37. Kurwitu Ventures (KURV)


Kurwitu Ventures Limited provides sharia compliant investment products.

It is the first company listed on the NSE with a focus on attracting Islamic investors into the capital markets.

Website: www.kurwituventures.com

38. Liberty Kenya Holdings (CFCI)


Liberty Kenya Holdings Ltd, formerly CFC Insurance Holdings Ltd, is a Kenya-based holding company offering life and property/casualty insurance coverage.

Its subsidiaries include CfC Life Assurance Ltd and The Heritage Insurance Company Ltd in Kenya. Liberty Holdings is the strategic investor in CfC Insurance Holdings Ltd.

Website: www.libertykenya.co.ke

39. Limuru Tea (LIMT)

Consumer Goods

Limuru Tea Plc (Formerly Limuru Tea Company Limited), is a Kenyan company engaged in the growing of green leaf tea.

The Company owns 275 hectares of tea land situated four kilometers to the east of Limuru Town.

The Limuru Tea Company Limited is an outgrower to Unilever Tea Kenya Limited. Unilever Tea Kenya acts as the Company's managing agent in the growing, manufacturing, sales and marketing of its teas.

The tea estate green leaf is manufactured in the Unilever Tea Kenya Mabroukie factory from where it is sold mainly for export.

Website: www.limurutea.com

40. Longhorn Publishers (LKL)

Consumer Services

Longhorn Publishers is a Company incorporated in Kenya with operations in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Its main business is the development, publication, marketing and distribution of educational and general books.

Website: www.longhornpublishers.com

41. Mumias Sugar Co (MSC)

Consumer Goods

Mumias Sugar Company Limited is a Kenya-based company, which is engaged in the production and sale of sugar, ethanol, water and the generation and sale of electricity.

The Company operates in four segments: Sugar, Energy, Ethanol and Water.

Website: www.mumias-sugar.com

42. Nairobi Business Ventures

Consumer Services

Nairobi Business Ventures is a Kenya-based company shoe and leather accessories retail chain operating under the brand name KShoe.

Website: www.kshoe.co.ke

43. Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE)


Formerly the Nairobi Stock Exchange Limited, the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) is the principal securities exchange of Kenya. Besides equity securities, the NSE offers a platform for the issuance and trading of debt securities.

The NSE is a member of the African Securities Exchange Association (ASEA) and the East African Secirities Exchange Association (EASEA).

It is an affiliate member of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) and the Association of Futures Markets (AFM).

Website: www.nse.co.ke

44. Nation Media Group

Consumer Services

Nation Media Group is a Kenya-based company engaged in the publication, printing and distribution of newspapers and magazines, radio and television broadcasting in East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania through the Company subsidiaries and associate companies.

The Company is active under such brands as Business Daily, The Daily Nation, Easy FM, K Fm, The Daily Monitor, NTV, NTV Uganda, Q Fm, Taifa Leo and the East African.

Website: www.nationmedia.com

45. National Bank of Kenya (NBK)


National Bank of Kenya Ltd (NBK) is a Kenya-based bank engaged in the provision of banking, financial and related services.

The Bank offers financial services to the general public and business community through its branch network in Kenya and correspondent banks.

National Bank of Kenya Ltd operates through wholly owned Natbank Trustee and Investment Services Limited, Kenya National Capital Corporation Limited and NBK Insurance Agency Limited.

Website: www.nationalbank.co.ke

46. NIC Group (NICB)


NIC Group Plc (Formerly NIC Bank Limited, National Industrial Credit Bank Limited) is a Kenya-based company that provides retail and corporate banking, brokerage, bancassurance and investment banking services.

The Bank has five wholly owned subsidiaries: National Industrial Credit Trustees Ltd and Mercantile Finance Company, among other.

Website: www.nic-bank.com

47. Olympia Capital Holdings (OCH)


Olympia Capital Holdings Ltd is a Kenya-based holding company.

Its main investments are in companies dealing in the manufacture and sale of products used in the construction industry, such as floor tiles, 
adhesives, uPVC windows and door frames, cleaning chemicals, as well as fire prevention equipment, water pumps and real estate.

Its subsidiary and affiliated companies include Dunlop Industries Limited, Olympia Capital Corporation (Proprietary) Limited, Kalahari Floor Tiles (Proprietary) Limited, Gaborone Enterprises (Proprietary) Limited, Avon Rubber Company Ltd and Mather & Platt (Kenya) Ltd.

Website: www.ochl.co.ke

48. Safaricom (SCOM)


Safaricom Plc (Formerly Safaricom Limited) is engaged in the provision of mobile phone services, fixed line wireless telecommunication, Internet and data services.

The Company offers a range of devices, such as mobile handsets, mobile broadband modems, routers, tablets, notebooks and laptop computers.

Website: www.safaricom.co.ke

49. Sameer Africa (FIRE)

Consumer Goods

Sameer Africa is a Kenya-based company that is principally engaged in the manufacture, importation and sale of tyres and the letting of premises.

The Company's product range includes passenger textile and steel belted radials, 4x4 tires, light truck radial and bias, truck and bus, agricultural, industrial and Off-The-Road tires under the brand name, Yana.

The Company produces both tube type and tubeless tires and also produces tubes and flaps. The Company

Website: www.sameerafrica.com

50.Sanlam Kenya (PAFR)


Formerly Pan Africa Insurance Holdings Limited, Sanlam Kenya Plc is a Kenya-based holding company.

The principal activity of the Company, through its subsidiary Pan Africa Life Assurance Limited, is the underwriting of all classes of long-term insurance business, with the exception of industrial life insurance.

Website: www.sanlam.com/kenya

51. Sasini

Consumer Goods

Sasini Plc is a Kenya-based company primarily engaged in the production, processing and marketing of tea and coffee.

The Company is involved in growing and processing of tea and coffee, commercial milling and marketing of coffee, forestry, dairy operations, livestock and horticulture.

Website: www.sasini.co.ke

52. Stanbic Holdings (CFC)


Stanbic Holdings Plc (Formerly CfC Stanbic Holdings Limited) is the parent company of CfC Stanbic Bank Limited, a licensed Commercial Bank regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya and SBG Securities Limited, a licensed Investment Bank regulated by the Capital markets Authority.

The Company is focused on growth and provision of products and services in the areas of banking, investment and financial services.

Website: www.stanbicbank.co.ke

53. Standard Chartered Bank Kenya


Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Ltd is a Kenya-based bank that provides various banking products and services to individuals, small and medium sized enterprises (SME), and corporate customers.

Website: www.sc.com/ke

54. Standard Group

Consumer Services

The Standard Group Limited is a Kenya-based company.

The Company is engaged in the publishing of The Standard, Saturday Standard and The Sunday Standard newspapers, distribution of selected local and newspapers, magazines and periodicals, and television broadcasting under the name of Kenya Television Network Limited (KTN). The Company

Website: www.standardmedia.co.ke

55. Stanlib Fahari I-REIT (FAHR)


Stanlib Fahari Income-REIT is the first Income Real Estate Investment Trust Scheme (REIT) in Kenya.

An Income-REIT is a real estate investment scheme which owns and manages income generating real estate for the benefit of its investors.

Website: www.stanlibfahariireit.com

56. Total Kenya (TOTL)

Oil & Gas

Total Kenya Plc (Formerly Total Kenya Limited) is engaged in the sale of petroleum products.

The Company has four business channels: The Network channel, The General Trade channel, The Aviation channel, and The Exports and Bulk channel.

Website: www.total.co.ke

57. TPS Eastern Africa

Consumer Services

TPS Eastern Africa Limited is a Kenya-based company, which owns and operates hotel and lodge facilities in Eastern Africa, serving the business and tourist markets.

The Company, along with its subsidiaries, is principally engaged in owning and operating 32 resorts, safari lodges and hotels, which are located in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Mozambique) and Southern Asia (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan).

Its segments include Kenya Hotels, Kenya Lodges and Tanzania Lodges.

The Company operates through several subsidiaries, including Tourism Promotion Services (Kenya) Limited, Tourism Promotion Services (Tanzania) Limited & Tourism Promotion Services (Zanzibar) Limited.

Website: www.serenahotels.com

58. TransCentury (TCL)


TransCentury is a Kenya-based company engaged in power, transport, infrastructure and engineering industries across Africa.

The Company is focusing its activities on three divisions: Power, Transport and Engineering.

Website: www.transcentury.co.ke

59. Uchumi Supermarkets

Consumer Services

Uchumi Supermarkets Ltd (Uchumi Supermarkets Limited) is a Kenya-based company engaged in the retail supermarkets operation.

It distributes fruit and vegetables, bread and pastries and a variety of other merchandise.

Website: kenya.uchumicorporate.co.ke

60. Umeme (UMME)


Umeme Ltd is an Uganda-based company engaged in the distribution and sale of electricity.

The Company's operations include operating and maintaining an electricity network, meter reading, billing, revenue collection and installing new connections in Uganda.

The Company supplies electricity to individual clients, commercial users, which include small, medium and large industrial customers, as well as to cities, municipalities, towns, trading centres and community centers.

The network is operated through district offices. Umeme Ltd is owned by Actis Infrastructure 2 fund.

The shares of the stock of the company are listed on the Uganda Securities Exchange (USE) and are cross listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE).

Website: www.umeme.co.ug

61. Unga Group (UNGA)

Consumer Goods

Unga Group is a Kenya-based holding company that has a majority shareholding in companies involved with the manufacture and marketing of a broad range of human nutrition, animal nutrition and animal health products.

Unga Holdings Limited subsidiaries include Unga Limited, Unga Farm Care (EA) Limited and Unga Millers (U) Limited.

Over 90% of the company’s revenue is derived from Kenya with the remainder attributed to sales in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Website: ungagroup.com

62. Williamson Tea Kenya

Consumer Goods

Williamson Tea Kenya Plc (Formerly Williamson Tea Kenya Limited) is a Kenya-based company engaged in the cultivation, manufacture and distribution of tea.

Williamson Tea Kenya Limited distributes its products under Duchess Grey, Traditional Afternoon, Lifeboat Tea and Special Blend brands, among others.

Website: www.williamsontea.com

63. WPP Scangroup

Consumer Services

WPP Scangroup Limited (Formerly Scangroup Limited) is engaged in developing communication strategies, creating advertisements for products and services, planning and buying media, as well as providing marketing consultancy.

Website: www.wpp-scangroup.com


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