William Kabogo's Radical Solution to Tame Rogue MPs [VIDEO]

Former Kiambu Governor, William Kabogo, on Wednesday, came up with a revolutionary option to counter the latest move by MPs to award themselves night allowances.

Speaking to Radio Citizen, Kabogo proposed 24 hours of total civil disobedience as a sure way to guarantee that the bill is quashed.

"Saa hii tukatokezea tukasema one day tufanye maandamano ama civil disobedience. Hatutaenda kazini for one day tukipinga hiyo kitu ya mshahara haitafanyika, loosely translating to, if we all decided right now to pick a day and hold demonstrations, or opted to undertake civil disobedience by downing our work tools, the proposed bill will not pass," divulged.

He went on to castigate the legislators for their greed, christening them 'a bunch of fools'.

"Ma fala! hakuna kitu ingine naeza sema, ma fala tu! loosely translating to, they're just fools, there's nothing else for me to say other than they are all a bunch of fools," the former legislator retorted, when questioned on his thoughts regarding the MPs.


He went on to question the reasoning behind the night allowance proposal tabled in parliament.

"Na hii night allowance tunawalipia kufanya nini? To go to Koinange street, why are we paying them? For what? loosely translating to, why are we supposed to pay them this so-called night allowance? Are we paying them to go to Koinange street?" a visibly irritated Kabogo remarked.

His radical suggestions didn't stop there, as he told Kenyans to gather rotten eggs, and pelter any leaders going around preaching on the 2022 elections.

"Mkiwaoana katika kijiji wakileta siasa za 2022 sijui kieleweke, chukueni mayai mbovu mchape wao vizuri, Mseme kabogo ndio aliwaambia, loosely translating to, if you see them in the villages going on about the 2022 elections, pelter them with rotten eggs and let them know that I'm the one who told you to," Kabogo announced.

The former governor insisted that he was ready to defend himself against any charges of incitement, adding that despite his out-of-the-box ideas, Kenyans were ultimately to blame, as they were solely responsible for giving the MPs their current positions of relative power.