Chris Kirubi Explains Why He Was Forced to Become a DJ

Many Kenyans who know, love and even consume billionaire Chris Kirubi's vast products are fully aware that he doubles up as a DJ at one of his companies, Capital FM.

The billionaire scintillates crowds with his mixes on one of the popular station's shows, but very few people know the real reason he pursued that career line even though he was already successful without it.

In a sit-down with a popular series on Capital FM known as Ask Kirubi, the mogul explained that he was inexperienced in media matters when he took over the station and that in order to understand the industry, he had to get involved in it directly.

“When I first got into media, I faced numerous challenges in trying to understand the market, its needs, the skills required and the peculiarities of the industry.

"I had to do my research and practically submerge myself in the industry by becoming a DJ in order to understand the market. Only then could I make proper and effective decisions,” narrated Kirubi.

It was important for him to get involved in the industry, at the time, because he had just acquired the media company which was on the verge of extinction.

The reason for the purchase of the media outlet was to enable him to advertise his products instead of having to part with millions through other media houses.

Capital FM was almost dead. They were not paying their bills, the staff was demotivated. It was struggling in the market place.

“But I saw an opportunity. I realised that what was missing was focused management. The company was concentrating on a narrow band of expat listenership," continued the billionaire.

“I like buying things that are not well managed and turning them round because I know the one thing I can put into a business is management. Within a few years, we turned it around, widened the base of listenership, brought in younger Kenyans to be presenters and I myself went on air – I got involved to make sure that people had contact with me,” he added.

His dedication has earned him an unrivaled edge and success so much so that at one time, he purchased property for the company that he used to hawk for.

"(Success) was a combination but the property business was where I began. I started on a good footing.

"With International House, I worked for (the insurance company that was headquartered there). I used to sell policies and when they decided to close down their offices in Kenya, they offered me the opportunity to buy the building and supported me in talking to the banks and off we went. So property was always the foundation," he affirmed.

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