Kajiado Gov Lenku Attacks MP Peris Tobiko

Kajiado Governor, Joseph Lenku, on Wednesday, hit out at Kajiado East MP, Peris Tobiko, who is Environment CS, Keriako Tobiko's sister, over remarks she made over the weekend.

The governor issued a press communiqué from the US, where he sought to address claims made by the MP that he had cut down development money to the wards from Ksh45 million to Ksh30 million.

His statement came after Tobiko and her Kajiado Central counterpart, Elijah Kanchory held a rally claiming that the county's 2019/2020 budget had misplaced priorities.

In the memo addressing their claims, Lenku stated that they were 'spreading propaganda' urging them to concentrate on delivering security and education projects to their constituents instead.

“Sadly, an elected MP has the temerity to consciously present outright fallacies. Our ward budgets have remained at Ksh30 million.

"Unfortunately, some of our leaders are apathetic to carefully reading documents. Budget estimates is a public document which anyone can access,” the county head stated.

He claimed that MP Tobiko was looking to dethrone him by maligning his administration's image accusing them of meddling in the county affairs rather than focussing on their constitutional mandate.

Lenku further stated that he would not allow the MPs to derail him from the county's development agenda.

“We are not concerned about the noises. Elections are still far. We have chosen to work for the people for the next three years. When politics come, we shall still be there. We have beaten bigger names. We shall repeat it,” he stated.

Earlier in May, there was drama during the burial of CS Tobiko's father when Peris reportedly blocked Governor Lenku from addressing the mourners.