83-Year-Old Woman Arrested for Disguising Bhang as Bananas

  • Police have busted an 83-year-old woman in Nyeri County in possession of bhang which they suspect was intended to be sold to the public within the area.

    The woman was nabbed by detectives and local administrators while posing as a banana vendor along the streets of Nyeri town.

    Rolls of bhang were found hidden in the suspect's bag which she used to carry bananas in her daily covert operations.

    The local authorities affirmed that they had harbored suspicions of the woman being part of a syndicate. It is believed that that young men and women involved in the peddling business got their supplies from the apprehended woman.

    It was also revealed that the old woman used her son as the middle-man to assist her in the supply of the outlawed product.

    She will be arraigned in a Nyeri court before Resident Magistrate Nelly Kariuki, on Thursday, July 11.

    Penalties awarded to suspects of bhang cases vary depending on what they were found doing with the drug.

    Drug trafficking charges normally attract a higher penalty compared to the accusation of being found in possession of such substances.

    With the local authorities reporting that they have enough reason to confirm that she was involved in the peddling of the drugs, the prosecution may decide level charges of drug trafficking against her.

    In May, a court convicted a middle-aged woman to 30 years imprisonment without an option of a fine in Nyeri after she was found guilty of peddling marijuana.

    Watch the video below courtesy of Citizen TV