Car Hire in Kenya: List of Car Rental Services in Nairobi

  • If you want to move around regularly and avoid the hustle and bustle experienced in public transport yet you don’t own a car, then car hire is definitely an option you should consider.

    Car hiring business is a niche that has been identified and exploited in Kenya. 

    Nowadays, with the cash in hand, you can rent a car in Nairobi or any other city for as long as you want. 

    Hiring a car in Nairobi goes for as little as Ksh2,500 per day depending on the car hiring company and the make of the car you want to hire.

    This cost withstanding, you are expected to fuel the car and return it promptly once the duration of the lease has expired to the hiring company in Nairobi. 

    You, as the leaser of a car in Nairobi, are again held responsible for any damage or loss occurring within the lease period.

    Nonetheless, we advise you to carefully read the rental contract to check for rules on insurance liabilities in case of accident or theft of the vehicle.

    There are many companies in Kenya that offer vehicle renting and leasing services. Most of these leasers, however, are usually individual car owners who want to make money out of their four wheels.  

    This article will focus on the car hire rental services in Nairobi that you can call to hire a car.

    List of car rental services in Nairobi

    1.Rent-A-Fine Car Ltd

    Rent-A-Fine Car Ltd is located along Nyangumi Rd off Lenana Rd Nairobi.

    2. Car Hire Kenya

    Car Hire Kenya is based in Nairobi, Kenya on the first floor of the old Wool worths Building.

    3. Concorde Car Hire & Safaris

    Concorde, an interactive destination management agency, boasts of over 25 years of experience in car hire, safaris, and air travel fields. Whatever duration, preference, requirement, age group, numbers, budget, air travel destination, they can tailor-make fitting itineraries thereby giving wings for its customer’s wishes and desires.

    Concorde Car Hire & Safaris is located Upper Parkland Estate, Nairobi Kenya.

    4. Nairobi Car hire Services

    Nairobi Car hire Services is located along Moi Avenue, Nairobi Kenya.

    Nairobi Car hire services cars and coaches are suited to individual, group, delegates, families, corporate, event management.

    5. Budget Car Hire Kenya

    Budget Car Hire Kenya is Located in Kemu Towers 16th Floor Suit 1071, University Way/Uhuru Highway. 

    6. Central Rent – A- Car

    Central Rent -A-Car operates in Ground Floor, Six Eighty Hotel, Nairobi Kenya.

    7. African Safaris Kenya

    African Safaris Kenya is located along Moi Avenue, Nairobi Kenya.

    8. 4 * 4 Car Hire

    4 * 4-Kenya Car hire is located in NCM Hse, 1st Flr, Tom Mboya St Nairobi.

    9. Avenue Car Hire

    Avenue Car Hire is one of the leading car hire companies, with a fleet of over 190 vehicles specializing in the short term, long term, and lease hire.

    10. Elite car rental

     Another company you should talk to is elite.

    It prides itself on offering the best car rental services in Kenya. 

    Their daily rental car types include a station wagon, saloon car, off-road rental cars, van rental, and double cabin car. 

    What’s more, this company is not only based in Nairobi making it convenient for customers outside Nairobi. 

    11. Market car hire

    Market Car hire is among the oldest and most trusted car hire services in Kenya. It is a full-service car rental agency that was established in 1966.

    Over the years the company’s services have grown from a simple daily car rental service to a company that offers a range of rental services. 

    These include airport transfers, long-term leasing as well as tailor-made safaris. 

    12. Active car hire and safaris

    This company offers a slightly different car hire service as it specializes in leasing self-drive safari cars that are ideal for rough terrains such as four-wheel drives.

    The company also diversifies its services by providing overload trucks for hire as well as 25-seater minibusses. 

    If you are looking for a company that can give hire out large vehicles for you and your friend’s trip, then this is the company to reach out to. 

    13. Kenya car rentals company

    This company works to ensure that its customers get the best car rental services they can afford. 

    This is an online company that allows interested customers to identify their favorite cars and reserve it. 

    People can always book vehicles for as long as they need to. 

    In case you do not have a driver and are incapable of driving, you can as well get chauffeur services at an extra cost. 

    The company can be accessed through their website which is 

    14. VAELL Company

    This is among the companies that are efficient in offering car hire services. 

    It is located in Nairobi on Gold Rock Building along Mombasa road. 

    The company specializes in leasing and renting out vehicles and vehicle equipment in bulk and for longer durations for residents of Nairobi as well as other people requiring similar services.

    Finding people offering car hire in Nairobi with rates that are not only affordable but also reasonable is not easy. 

    The fact that the company is already established gives it more ground to supply the best cars for residents of Nairobi.

    List of other car rental services in Nairobi

    1. Access Car Hire 220331

    2. Airporter Ltd 822348

    3. Alamco Car Hire 331648

    4. Amco Taxis and Car Hire 446376

    5. Arrow Car Ltd 224668

    6. Avenue Car Hire 332166

    7. Avis Rent A Car Ltd 336703 

    8. Balta Car Hire Ltd 446253

    9. Barnany Car Hire 217456

    10. Bayo Ltd 552555

    11. Bonfree Car Hire Services 212161

    12. Bornfree Car Hire 224845

    13. Budget Rent A Car 334904

    14. Car Hire Company 225255

    15. Car Hire Services 743270

    16. Central Rent A Car 332296

    17. Chequered Flag Ltd 443354

    18. Chesco Travel 747790

    19. Coast Car Hire 220365

    20. Concorde Car Hire 743304

    21. County Car Hire Ltd 241754 

    22. Crossways Car Hire & Tours 223949

    23. Davanu Car Hire and Tours 217178

    24. DIiscount Travel Services 215196

    25. Empire Car Hire and Tours 751590

    26. Europcar Inter Rent 334722

    27. Freeway Car Hire 331894

    28. Freight Tours and Travel 330525

    29. Glory Car Hire, Tours & Safaris 222910

    30. Golan Care Hire 250775

    31. Gold Ride Safaris 335668

    32. Habibs Cars Ltd 220463 

    33. Hardy’s Car Hire 224748

    34. Heiwa Auto Company 471931

    35. Herble Car Hire 224748

    36. Hertz Rent A Car 331974

    37. Inter Rent A Car 229760

    38. Inter Rent Auto Ltd 337063

    39. John Irene Safaris 340321

    40. Kenya Taxi Cab Association 340280

    41. Larsen’s Car Hire 558864

    42. Leisure Car Hire 219667

    43. Lexinda Travels Ltd 213535

    44. Longonot Travel Co 338450

    45. Market Car Hire 225797

    46. Mars Car Hire 748418

    47. Monarch Car Hire 492423

    48. National Car Rental 440333

    49. Naz Car Hire and Tours 246171

    50. Payless Car Hire & Tours Ltd 212904

    51. Polays Car Hire 337993

    52. Protocol Car Hire Ltd 570463

    53. Sembis Car Hire Ltd 212136

    54. Skylink Travels 330704

    55. Southern Travels 210458

    56. Rasul’s Car Hire 558234

    57. Rent A Car 223110

    58. Tourline and Travel Ltd 227551

    59. TransKenya Safaris & Travel 340559

    60. Waka Car Hire Ltd 336660

    61. Tropical Car Hire Ltd 225679

    62. Turkana Shuttle Services 883288

    63. U-Drive Car Hire Tours 337465

    64. Westlands Car Hire Ltd 440785

    65. Wheels Car Hire 568113

    66. Wonder Holiday Safari Ltd 213026

    67. Yaya Car Hire Ltd 565651

    68. Zaz Car Hire Tours & Safari Ltd 822418

    Know some other car hire services in Nairobi that we haven't included? Please add a link to their websites in the comment section below.