Fire Drill at Nation Centre Causes Panic in Nairobi [VIDEO]

  • A photo of Nation Centre File
  • Employees at Nation Centre were forced to exit their offices after a 'fire' broke out at one of the offices, in the twin tower building.

    A Fire alarm could be heard sounding as the employees were directed to gently exit the building.

    Apparently, it turned out to be a fire drill. 

    In a video seen by, employees were evacuated from their offices. 

    They assembled outside the building, as police directed onlookers to stay away from the area.

    A photo of curious onlookers outside the building

    Ambulance and firefighters were also on standby in case of any eventualities. 

    The firefighters were lifted on cranes to the second floor, where the fire was thought to have broken.

    Curious onlookers kept recording with their phones as others froze in fear of the 'fire' spreading. 

    After some time, the firefighters announced that it was a fire drill. 

    The drill caught both employees and passers-by unaware as they grouped to discuss among themselves. 

    The coordination between the firefighters and the police was astounding as it left onlookers staring way after they had departed the scene. 

    A photo of police directing onlookers outside the building

    Video Courtesy of Nairobi News