CS Magoha's Remarks That Have Excited Kenyans [VIDEO]

  • Education CS, Professor George Magoha, on Monday, caused a stir with his recent remarks regarding the faults in the current 8-4-4 education system.

    Speaking during the ministry's launch of the county discussions in the official new curriculum review in Nairobi, the CS had a few sentiments regarding how Kenyans disregard technical courses.

    The professor went on to recount how he found it difficult to find a qualified plumber to do some job for his rural home.

    "When looking for a plumber, a good plumber for my home in Yala, I had to go to Kisumu which is over 40 kilometers away," Magoha recalled.

    He then went on to heavily castigate the society for downsizing the importance of such technical skills in the nation.

    "How stupid can we be as a community? We are very stupid, including myself, because in my town, there could have been many plumbers, they have a lot of  problems with water," he began.

    The bold CS then faulted the society for always glorifying other courses over technical-based programs, for their perceived prestige in learning in a university.

    "But there is no honour in being a plumber, the honour is in going to university. To go to university to do what?" he wondered.

    He further divulged into how successful university graduates sit in their houses doing nothing with their academic papers and qualifications.

    "Then you come out with a paper bragging of how you have acquired a degree yet still unemployed after 30 years. You are a fool!" The unapologetic CS concluded.

    The Ministry of Education officially launched the nationwide counties' discussions and debates, on the newly rolled out competency based curriculum for the students in the nation. The launch was on Monday conducted in several counties including Nakuru, Kisumu, Garissa, Mombasa, Embu, Nyeri and Kakamega.

    Below are the reactions of Kenyans to Magoha's remarks

    Watch the video of Magoha giving his remarks below: