Tahidi High's Miss Morgan & Her Remarkable Journey to the Silver Screen

  • William Shakespeare once wrote that some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. 

    It seems fitting to kick off a piece on one of the most art-oriented individuals around, by quoting one of the greatest play writers ever.

    Angel Waruinge alias Miss Morgan, was everyone's deputy principal back when Tahidi High was commanding an audience that rivalled international shows.

    However, speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, the sultry-voiced actor confessed to having landed on her current career path by sheer coincidence.

    Back during her high-school days, Ms Waruinge was already making waves in the field of arts and it was actually her forays during a particular drama festival, that she got enchanted by the world of theatre.

    "I got to watch a play by Loreto Limuru girls titled chess-master. When I watched it, I  felt that I would wish to be on that element. Then I made my way backstage after the show was done to find out who the director was, which turned out to be Maurice Ndagwa," she recalled.

    Unknown to most, the Tahidi High star and Daniel 'Churchill' Ndambuki have enjoyed a friendship dating back to when she was still in form two, while the king of Kenyan comedy was struggling to make it in the field.

    The two kept exchanging letters, and it was actually Churchill who introduced her to the broader art world, at Heartstrings (a production house that focused on plays).

    By the time Tahidi High came calling, the gifted young lady had already done over 40 stage-plays, as well as earned six-figure paycheck at the tender age of 18, and the rest, as they say, is history.

    She was most fond of Sarah Hassan, who played the role of Tanya (her on-screen daughter), adding that seeing her explode into such a big star filled her with joy.

    Waruinge bravely confessed to this writer how she struggled with depression and alcoholism during one of the darkest periods of her life.

    "At some point, I went through depression. In fact, I'm working on something to address the plight of personalities such as myself. I will do it for celebrities or public figures who are famous yet so empty because society expects so much from them," she disclosed.

    Her iron-will, as well as unconditional support from her family, got her through the dark times, and she openly declared her new found happiness, as well as drive.

    During her life-defining battle, she ended up weighing close to 106kgs, a situation she has since turned around, having brought herself back to 76kgs.

    "Right now I'm feeling good, I'm feeling great, I'm a better parent and I'm definitely happier.

    The full-time performing artist picked out her 7-year-old daughter as the best thing that ever happened to her, adding that she played a big role in her recovery.

    "I know the best thing I've done is being a mum," a teary voiced Waruinge divulged.

    She is currently working on a huge project with one of Africa's largest networks, having recently signed a lucrative 2-year contract that has been kept under wraps, in anticipation of its launch in January 2020.