Esther Arunga's Fiery Mother-In-Law Attacks Her Over Testimony

  • Former Kenyan newsreader Esther Arunga. Twitter
  • Former TV anchor Esther Arunga's mother-in-law, has broken her silence following her scathing testimony in which she admitted to lying to the police over the murder of her son.

    In a sit-down with Daily Nation on Monday, teary Rosemeg Wambita discounted Arunga's testimony claiming that it was all a lie.

    She further refuted claims that her son was a murderer arguing that if that was the case, the former TV siren would not have agreed to settle down with him for as long as she did.

    “That is a lie. I don’t understand what she means since she is the one who said that their son did not die at the hands of her husband.

    “Where was she all this time? This is peculiar to me. It is a lie. I don’t understand it," stated Ms Wambita.

    Esther Arunga Timberlake with her husband Quincy Timberlake and their late Son, Sinclair.

    The mother further revealed that she believes her son, since meeting him in 2009, is a God-fearing person and does not believe Arunga's testimony was entirely truthful.

    “When it comes to death, people can change. In this case, I say no. If my son is a murderer, why did she accept to live with a killer?" She posed.

    Ms Wambita is, therefore, looking for well-wishers to help her travel to Australia and see her son.

    "I’ve not found an opportunity to talk to him since. In vain have I tried to reach out to well-wishers and my MP to help me travel to Australia for I want to know the truth,” she continued.

    Ms Wambita lives in a one-bedroom rented house in Mbeme, Kisumu County.

    Arunga had initially told investigating authorities that her son, Sinclair Timberlake, had died after rolling down a flight of stairs in their home in Kallangur, north of Brisbane, in June 2014.

    According to reports by Australian media houses, Prosecutor Danny Boyle, established that the boy died as a result of blunt force trauma to his abdomen.

    Boyle told the court that Esther's husband grabbed a Bible and announced "there's a devil in his stomach I have to get it out" before proceeding to unleash violence on the boy.

    In her defence, the former news anchor claimed that she was afraid of the consequences of her husband's actions.

    Former news anchor Esther Arunga Timberlake being escorted out of a court session