Nation Media Fires Senior Manager Over Racism Allegations

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  • Nation Media Group has fired Kanwar Deep Singh, who was their Lead Business Development Officer, allegedly over racism, gross misconduct and incompetence.

    An inside source at NMG told on phone that Kanwar’s last day in the office was on Wednesday, July 10.

    The information first broke on the Confederation of Kenyan Employers (Cofek) website.

    ​ Kanwar Deep (left) and Rashmi Chugh (right) during NMG-at-60 celebrations ​

    Kanwar was also accused apparently of interfering with business relationships with stakeholders making NMG to reportedly miss out on crucial deals, as clients did not want to work with the company due to his alleged rude nature.

    Case in point is a pending lawsuit from a partner, who Kanwar reportedly used unprintable words to the CEO of that company to the point the client severed the partnership.

    In 2018, Kanwar, Rashmi and another employee just identified as Kurdat had been accused of supposedly clashing with all other senior managers and even some directors.

    Together with Rashmi Chugh, Kanwar was brought into the country, from India, by the board of directors to oversee NMG digital media.

    The expat was apparently also accused of being arrogant, disrespectful and also used racist remarks to other employees including his seniors.

    Another partnership went sour is Lit360 show, he was given a go-ahead by NMG board to launch and manage the show.

    In this project, he allegedly used the famed DJ Pinye to come up with the idea but later told him off and kicked him out of the project.

    DJ Pinye has since gone to court to sue the Indians for the show as it was his idea. 

    A poster of the lit360 show that was managed by Kanwar Deep Singh