Ex-MP's Job Advert Badly Backfires After Funny Responses

  • Former Taita Taveta Woman Represetative Joyce Lay File
  • Things went south for former Woman Representative for Taita Taveta, Joyce Lay, after she posted a job advert on her Twitter account.

    The former legislator was looking for creatives and designers to create three posters for her companies stating that she would pick the one with the most likes.

    She posted, "I need 3 best logos, Joyce Lay Foundation, This is Art Ltd and Pearl Intercon Ltd. I’ll pick the one with the most likes. The post will be on Instagram (IG) too. Let's get going."

    Former Taita Taveta Woman Representative in a past event

    However, netizens did not take her advertisement lightly, with most claiming that she was exploiting the creatives for asking them to work for free and would only negotiate with one who got the most likes.

    Some went as far as creating hilarious logos with the aim of botching her search.

    Kerubo Nyamokamike replied to the post questioning, "You need someone's intellectual property for free?"

    Another user, MarigaThoithi, outlined that, "No budget, the only criteria is getting the most retweets for intellectual labour. Parliament and its sitting allowances does a thing on the mind."

    "You need something to be done for you for free? Get serious. Where do people get this entitlement from thinking that  other people's time and energy has no value," A seemingly angry Julishwa retorted.

    "I would advise any creators not to publish their works on her timeline (TL). It is not a good way to ask for someone's services. MPs think you're desperate. Let her ask for it appropriately guys," maintained Nyakwar Arowo 

    Waigoko Kimengemenge joked, "End month, I will pay my landlord with exposure. I guess it's some form of currency."

    Here are some of the rib-cracking designs:

    A funny poster design by a twitter use

    A design in response to Joyce Lay's advert

    A Pearl Intercon Ltd. design
    A hand-drawn design in response to Joyce Lay
    A logo imprinted on a clown
    A logo that designed on a crumpled piece of paper