American Couple Conducts Lavish Pokot Traditional Wedding [VIDEO]

  • An American bride, Teresa June, has defied all odds to fulfil the marriage customs of the Pokot in her traditional wedding.

    The couple, living in Chepangus, Tiaty constituency, Baringo County, conducted their lavish nuptials with adherence to all the requisite traditional customs.

    The two have for the last 10 years been doing missionary work among the natives of the Kenyan county.

    Teresa and Tony narrated how they fell in love with the Pokot culture and decided to wed in adherence to their traditions.

    The marriage ceremony took place in Paka Hills.

    “I am proud to be here and be a part of this. It’s a blessing for me to be able to do this and be accepted by these people” Tony told K24 TV in an interview.

    The American bride, Trizah, was given a Pokot name Cheigar.

    Locals in the area expressed their acceptance of the couple and confirmed that they were so happy to have them agree to follow their customs.

    "We are happy with them because they are the first to come here to help us in numerous ways. That is why we have even given her a local name," an enchanted resident remarked.

    Bridegroom Tony gave details of what he paid for dowry noting, "I paid the full bride price through giving a camel, some food, drinks and money too."

    The ceremony ended at the groom's traditional hut with the two recognised as married in the Pokot culture and declared husband and wife.