Former Mungiki Leader Sends Emotional Message to His Wife's Killers

  • Former Mungiki leader, Maina Njenga Twitter
  • Former Mungiki founder and leader, Maina Njenga, sent out a heartfelt message to the murderers of his wife.

    Speaking in a Standard Digital videos program, My Confession, he went on to state that he had moved on from his wife's death.

    "Every person born of a woman must die one day, I accept that she died, and I moved on, I forgive all those who killed my wife," he stated with distant eyes.

    Maina Njenga with a crowd of youths in the past

    Questioned on why he formed the Mungiki sect, Njenga had a ready answer.

    "The youths were desperate with nothing to do, they were joined by their problems and poverty, we all understood that working together removes problems," he explained.

    He went on to state that the Mungiki were common folks who were forced to fight by harsh conditions during the post election violence in Kenya.

    "Mungiki are just common people, they are your people, children. When talking about Mungiki, we are talking about the people of Kenya," he calmly narrated.

    He further divulged that politicians hired the youth, including Mungiki members, when seeking elective posts.

    "It is true they (Mungiki) were hired, every contestant seeking a win in the elections looked for the youth to support their ambitions," he confessed.

    Maina Njenga went on to give details of the fateful day when his wife died.

    "Ever since I survived that car crash event, where bullets were pumped to our vehicle and my wife could not make it, I have tried to keep myself very peaceful and prayerful, and I firmly believe that all that was taken away will be replaced," Njenga painfully recounted.

    The former sect leader cum pastor was asked if he ever felt like seeking vengeance to the killers of his wife.

    "I was in prison when it all happened, I came to find her in the mortuary, removed her from there, organised a big burial ceremony, I do not want to go into details but I know who did that, and I forgive them. I miss her, and I know that maybe one day, we will meet in heaven," he mourned.

    His focus is now on his three children left to him by his deceased wife and in running the numerous churches that he currently owns.

    The pious man also shared that he remarried later on, after mourning his first wife.

    Former Mungiki leader, Maina Njenga, and his mother-in-law, Elizabeth Nyambere, during the burial of the wife of Maina Njenga Grace Wairimu Nyambere in 2014.