Murathe's Violent Outburst in Parliament Over Murder Allegations

Never one to shy away from controversy, former Jubilee Party Vice-Chair, David Murathe, came to blows during a parliamentary session.

The former Gatanga Member of Parliament is on record as having hammered a fellow MP (Juja's Stephen Ndicho) to a pulp after he lost his composure.

Hansard records revealed that all hell broke loose once Ndicho pointed an accusing finger at Murathe, in regards to a mysterious murder.

On July 28, 1999, Murathe requested parliament to provide him with a formal statement on the death of a suspect who had died under unclear circumstances, after being linked to the gruesome murder of a Juja councillor, Wa Njuguna.

However, Ndicho felt ignored as Juja was his constituency, prompting him to face up to Murathe.

During the heated exchange that included extreme expletives that brought the house to a standstill, Ndicho crossed an invisible line, leading to a full-frontal assault.

“Murathe is a suspect in the murder of Councillor wa Njuguna,” Ndicho shouted.

It was at this point that Murathe decided that words alone would not suffice, thereby raining down on the Juja MP with a plethora of blows.

“Ndicho and Murathe threw fists at each other as other honourable members tried to separate them,” an excerpt of the July 28th, 1999 Parliamentary record in the Hansard divulged.

The two were suspended from the House for three days, and a remorseful Murathe would, later on, apologise for his rash actions.

“I do not advocate for violent resolution of issues. Everybody loses it sometimes! After all, we are all human, particularly under extreme provocation. However, I deeply regret that incident to this day because as fate would have it, we (Ndicho and I) ended up as friends,” he disclosed.

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