Revelation on How Uber Driver Makes Ksh240K a Month on NTV Raises Questions

  • On Monday, the NMG Leadership Forum aired, on NTV, where the issue being discussed was youth unemployment and how young people could adapt to the changing economic times.

    During the discussion hosted at UoN, Head of Branches and Alternate Channels at the Diamond Trust Bank, George Otiende, gave an example of how an Uber driver managed to make Ksh240,000 per month.

    This, he explained, was the job, the taxi driver had opted to take despite having a degree.

    "I know of a  27-year-old graduate who got Ksh600,000 seed capital from his father and bought his first taxi. He now has six cars with 12 drivers.

    "He makes Ksh 240,000 per month but his friends are still asking him why he is driving a taxi yet he has a degree," Otiende stated.

    This translated to Ksh 60,000 a week from the business. The statement, however, elicited reactions from Kenyans online who faulted the statistics presented.

    "These guys will say anything to drive this baseless narrative. The fact is that they have broken the system and they have failed to create employment for the youth.

    "No Uber driver makes that money per month. Share the story and documents. Kenyans start asking for researched and verified information," another stated.

    Otiende further urged the youth to engage in businesses with pride and not let anyone look down on them.

    "The youth must look at it from the perspective of whether you have a degree or not, you need to get your hands dirty.

    "Youth must dirty their hands and get something that, deep down in your heart, you know you are doing it for yourself and you can put food on your table," he divulged.

    He further advised for the aligning of politics with the industries where young people could prosper.

    "Financial institutions have realized that the youth are the future and we have to work with them. I am happy to say the government is working with us on this," he added.

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