Jeff Koinange's Net Worth Revealed

There is a lot of interest about the worth of Citizen TV news anchor Jeff Koinange, especially because he is a media personality and also a nephew of the late powerful minister Mbiyu Koinange.

The journalist disclosed his wealth during a conversation he was having with radio presenter Felix Odiwuor, alias Jalang'o, on Hot 96 FM, where they worked together. 

Jalang'o posed a hypothetical question to Jeff on how he would face a committee of Parliament if he were nominated to become a Cabinet Secretary, by President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

If asked to declare his wealth Koinange would answer "Mr Chairman, thank you for the question and I appreciate the opportunity to sit in front of you all because I'm ready for you the task. I would say I'm nothing more than Ksh50 million."

One of the JKL host's famous possessions is his black Mercedes G550 wagon which he refers to as 'The Beast'

Jeff has had to work hard for what he has achieved, being raised by a single mom who he described as very tough about education.

He lost his father, Fredrick Mbiyu Koinange at a young age, which shaped how he grew up.

During a past interview with Yvonne Aol, he explained what he thought about growing up without his father.

"I don’t regret anything. I’m glad he wasn’t there in a way.

"If he was around, we might have ended up as some really spoilt brats as kids, and I’m glad we didn’t end up that way," Koinange commented.

"So, you know, it’s not my calling, but, I think it’s a good thing he went," the celebrated JKL host added.