Sonko Exposes 3 Cases Reported Since Launching Hotline on Dead Beat Dads

  • On Sunday, Nairobi Governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko launched two hotlines, where mothers who had sired children with politicians, were supposed to report in case their fathers had abandoned them.

    "In fact from today, all the great women of this country, if you know an MP, senator, governor, civil servant or businessman impregnated and abandoned you, send your details to 0722886600/0739555555," the Sunday post read.

    Since the governor's post, the hotlines have reportedly been a buzz, with citizens highlighting various cases including; domestic violence, politicians who are dead beat fathers and others who struggle to take their children to school.

    Speaking to, the governor's Communications Director, Elkana Jacob, stated that around 16 politicians had been reported by single mothers who claimed that they were dead beat fathers.

    "Most of the leaders mentioned are Members of Parliament, followed by senators and governors," Elkana divulged.

    He, however, declined to name those who had been mentioned.

    Sonko's move comes after he went on a rant during the late Ken Okoth's memorial service, disclosing that the lawmaker had a secret 'wife', Ann Thumbi.

    Sonko dropped the bombshell in front of Ken’s widow, Monica Okoth, his brother Imran Okoth, ODM leader, Raila Odinga and other leaders.

    “I am a witness to this. I will have wronged Ken by keeping quiet on it because I know the truth. They were going out, and even the last time they were in France together. I sympathise with Monica, I know she is a widow during this difficult moment, but let me talk the truth,” Sonko stated.

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