CS 'Reports' to Raila During Uhuru’s Absence & Kenyans Get Concerned

  • ODM leader and Africa Union special envoy for Infrastructure, Raila Odinga, on Wednesday, elicited varying reactions online regarding what role he played in the government.

    This came after the former premier shared a series of photos on his social media platform with Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs CS Prof Margaret Kobia at his Capitol Hill offices.

    Hosted Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs CS Prof Margaret Kobia who briefed me on the preparations being undertaken for the upcoming International Youth Day,” Raila captioned the photos.

    This immediately set the stage for an online debate with a majority of Kenyans questioning under what capacity the ODM leader was being briefed.

    Some people accused him of taking advantage of President Uhuru Kenyatta's absence, while he is in Jamaica on official duty, and causing discomfort to the likes of Deputy President William Ruto.

    On the other hand, others urged him to stop hiding behind the curtains and come clean on whether he is in opposition or part of Uhuru’s government.

    “Why is it hard for you to admit that you are in government?” One social media user, Ken Aringo noted.

    Another one, Abdiaziz Jire stated, “When the president is out of the country, the people's president is in charge.”

    This is not the first time Raila has hosted a CS as he now receives regular briefings from some of them, makes policy pronouncements and is accorded VVIP treatment by State agencies.

    Raila’s influence in government circles has grown immensely since the March 2018 peace pact with his former nemesis, President Uhuru.

    Here are some more reactions from Kenyans: