Funny Dance Video of Kenya Rugby Player Goes Viral 

  • A video of Kenya 7s rugby player, Dennis Ombachi, dancing at a wedding has left thousands of Kenyans in stitches.

    The light-hearted clip shared by his international teammate, Collins Injera, garnered over a thousand views in under 25 minutes.

    "My Guy Ombachi rocking it at the wedding. The village has refused to leave the man," Injera tweeted.

    Netizens were left speechless, with the majority of the comment section filled with laughing tears emojis.

    Ombachi was recorded as part of the groomsmen at a wedding reception, dancing alongside the entire bridal party.

    However, his lightning sharp coordination while donning the Kenyan national flags during the international rugby series deserted him on the dance floor.

    He had a serious case of two left feet, and netizens almost cracked their ribs while watching and sharing the hilarious dance video.

    "Dancing like that uncle who wears short-sleeved suits," Wamaitha Macharia tweeted.

    "Man's dancing like msungu from Herefordshire," another Kenyan tweeted.

    Here's the short video of Ombachi dancing or attempting to dance as well as a few more screenshots :