Here's the List of Items Police Recovered in the 2-Day Punjani House Raid

  • Police on Tuesday recovered several items from a raid conducted on the home of a suspected drug lord, Ali Punjani, in Nyali, Mombasa county. 

    After the tedious two day search on the luxurious palatial home, the police recovered only two rolls of bhang.

    Reports by Capital Fm News stated that, the bhang was recovered from Ram Manoj, an Indian man found in the house during the Tuesday search.

    The lawmakers were also able to recover Ksh 57,000 in cash from Manoj's room.

    According to Mombasa County Police Commander, Johnstone Ipara, who led the raid, disclosed that they also carted away laptops, phones, and documents from the prestigious house.

    Ipara highlighted that the documents are suspected to be linked to the drug trafficking business the tycoon is suspected to be involved in.

    Also, three foreigners found inside the seven-bedroomed palatial home in Nyali were arrested and driven to a police station to record a statement.

    Ali Punjan's wife, Karki Shushmija, a Nepalese, was arrested at their home in Nyali.

    She was apprehended alongside two men of Shiva Bashyal, another Nepalese and Maloj Rom an Indian.

    Ipara further confirmed that the three are the first batch of suspects in the ongoing probe on drug trafficking at the coast because they were found inside Punjani’s house despite reports that the house was unoccupied.

    He further disclosed that travel documents found on Manoj and Shushmija showed that they had been to Tanzania and Uganda.