DP Ruto Haunted by Ghosts of Past Promises [VIDEO]

  • Kenya's Deputy President William Ruto File
  • The new-age saying that the internet never forgets, was proved true, as netizens trolled Kenya's Deputy President (DP), William Ruto, on Wednesday.

    Back in 2017, while on the campaign trail, DP Ruto had promised to restore the historic Kimariny stadium, West Pokot, in under 6 months time.

    "In six months time, the stadium in Kimariny in West Pokot, which is historic will be complete," he reiterated.

    Kimariny stadium in 2019

    The video of his promise to the people of West Pokot resurfaced, with Kenyans calling out the country's second in command for his blatant lie.

    Kimariny stadium was made famous for producing record-breaking athletes, who went on to conquer the world while flying the Kenyan national flag.

    However, despite the promise, renovation works stalled as soon as they began, with the Daily Nation reporting that the stadium currently resembles an abandoned farm.

    Weeds litter the running track, with lumps of soil left by the contractor also spotted across the grounds.

    "We are still waiting for the stadium Ruto promised Kenyans, we can't forget that," a user posted.

    "A few weeks ago he said 11 will be completed in 12 months when one cannot be even halfway through in two years," Hudson Oringo posted.

    Here's the video of DP Ruto promising to refurbish Kimariny Stadium that has got Kenyans talking :