Inspector Mwala Attracts the Wrath of Kenyans After Stunt on Radio

  • A section of social media users has called out actor-cum-radio presenter, Inspector Mwala, for “disrespecting” one of his co-hosts at Radio Citizen, Melody Sinzore.

    The veteran actor hand grabbed Sinzore by the neck as he goaded her to admit that she was his wife.

    In a video clip posted to the radio station’s Facebook page on August 14, Mwala is seen in the company of Melody and the head of the station, Jerida Andayi, inside the studio.

    Music, which was on air at the time, could be heard playing in the background as Mwala, whose real name is Davis Mwabili, embarked on the one-minute drama. 

    It remains unclear whether the confrontation among the trio was scripted, or it was spontaneous.

    Andayi had to intervene as the now agitated Sinzore tried to push away Mwala who had been trying to plant a kiss on her cheek.

    Netizens, who are usually the judges and the jury of the internet, had their say on whatever was transpiring in the video and very few were empathetic to the veteran actor.

    "Mwala is no longer funny he has aged and has no respect too, I think his academic level is too low, he requires advice, also too much of pride,"  Nicholas Gichuki noted.

    Robert Iraru, on the other hand, thought that the video was intentionally shared online by the ladies involved, to show the country that they were tired of Mwala's embarrassing shenanigans.

    Others attacked the trio for disrespecting the Radio Citizen studio stating lack of professionalism in the entire video. 

    "Shame shame shame. All the 3 of you have totally lowered your dignity and that of your radio station. As fully mature-minded people, they should have sought for a diplomatic way of handling their differences," stated Kennedy Angaya.