DP Ruto Tears Into Uhuru-Raila Project at Wedding

  • Deputy President William Ruto, tore into the proposed need for a constitutional referendum before the next general elections, under President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM Party leader, Raila Odinga's Building Bridges Initiative (BBI). 

    Speaking during the wedding of Meru Politician Jim Muchui, at Karumo Technical Institute in Tigania West, on Saturday, DP Ruto stated that the BBI iniative was a waste of time and public funds, the Standard reported.

    “They are disturbing us with these politics calling for changes to the Constitution. Let us desist from such politics and focus on development,” he asserted.

    DP Ruto reiterated his message at the Mikinduri Church in Tigania East, emphasising the need for the country to focus on development projects.

    In what was perceived as a concealed attack on Raila, the country's second in command, during his address to the people of Meru, mocked the ODM party leaders 'vitendawili' mantra.

    "Niliwaambia kitendawili haitaanza Kenya hii, hatuwezi rudi kwa mambo ya giza, loosely translating to, I have told you before that parables do not have a place in Kenya, we cannot back to the dark era," the DP announced.

    He went on to add that such politicking had no place in the country, urging his fellow leaders to focus on development projects.

    "Dunia hii inabadilika kwa miradi na mipango ya maendeleo, haiwezi kubadilishwa na stories na hadithi, loosely translating to, the world is changed by development projects, not by stories and fables," he declared.

    Those who accompanied Ruto were Meru Senator Mithika Linturi, MPs Gitonga Murugara (Tharaka), John Mutunga (Tigania West), Gichunge Kabeabea (Tigania East) and his Njoro counterpart Charity Kathambi.

    They all went on to echo his sentiments, adding that they were fully behind DP Ruto's race to succeed Uhuru,
    However, Meru Politician Mugambi Rikindiri, during his address, stressed that the country's next leader would be chosen by the people.

    “We know the Opposition leader is meeting with relatives of rich families who have been in the leadership of this county. We want him and his associates to know that the next President will be decided by
    Kenyans,” he declared.