Watch Lupita Cook Ugali for the Very First Time, Pass or Fail?

  • Oscar award winner, Lupita Ny'ongo, displayed her cooking skills when she prepared a Kenyan Delicacy, Ugali, for the first time ever.

    In the video feature for Vogue Magazine in 2017, Lupita compared Kenyans love for ugali to that of Italians and pasta.

    Lupita who was born in Mexico, and raised in Kenya till she was 16 years old before going to Mexico City for further studies, admitted to not knowing how to cook ugali.

    In the clip, she is seen asking her mother, Dorothy Nyong'o to teach her how to prepare Ugali. Dorothy did so gladly, amid laughter.

    "I would like to be able to make it for my self, so teach me," she asked her mother.

    Seated on a low stool facing Dorothy, Lupita armed herself with a medium-sized cooking stick, and a sufuria on a jiko (traditional cooker), with red burning coal, she took on her first ugali making lesson.

    Her mother directed that she first precooks the flour, before gradually adding it to boiling water in another cooking pan, slowly stirring it in the process.

    "Aaaaiiii mummy! This feels like an abdominal workout, this is no joke!" exclaimed the award-winning actress.

    While spinning the steaming Ugali, Lupita admitted that previously she had publically admitted that she did not know how to cook ugali, and was utterly humiliated by people's reactions.

    "I've never been happy about the fact that I did not know how to make ugali, and when I admitted that on National Television, the reactions shamed me more than I was already," she confirmed.

    After the tedious first time lesson, the renowned actress, proudly presented her steaming ugali to her mother who joked that she did not want to risk tasting it before proudly applauding her daughter's effort.

    Kisumu Governor, Peter Anyang' Nyong'o, Lupita's father, also came in to rate his daughter's cooking skills, to the excitement of Lupita.