Lonyangapuo's Supporters Start Fight Over Controversial DJ Mix

  • A storm erupted during a fundraiser convened in West Pokot after supporters of the former Governor Simon Kachapin and current Governor John Lonyangapuo clashed.

    All was going on well until the DJ played a song that was perceived to be in praise of the Kachapin, whom Lonyangapuo succeeded as Governor.

    The crowd in attendance reacted with fury, demanding that the DJ takes his equipment and leave.

    The protesting members of the public made it clear that they did not take kindly to the DJ turning a bodaboda operator's fundraiser into a political contest.

    Police officers present tried to calm the people who were at that time baying for the DJ's blood, but it took the intervention of Area MP David Psoking (Pokot South) to calm the situation.

    "From now on, we will only allow gospel songs to play until the event is over," he stated after the flaring tempers had been cooled.

    Simon Kachapin, who was in attendance, played down the scenario they had just witnessed.

    Governor Lonyangapuo, when he stood to speak, pledged to work with every MP, MCA, and delegate in West Pokot County without bias.

    The fracas witnessed goes a long way in explaining the fragile political situation in West Pokot County.

    The two political kingpins seem to be tolerating each other's presence in public but much seems to be brewing in private.

    In May 2019, Kachapin accused Lonyangapuo of hoodwinking the senate by tabling false reports about him withdrawing Ksh 117 million just days to the 2017 elections.

    In September 2018, Kachapin was on the spot again when a Senate watchdog committee heard that Ksh562 million worth of contracts awarded during his tenure did not follow proper procurement procedures.

    Kachapin was appointed the chief administration secretary (CAS) in the Energy ministry after losing to Prof Lonyangapuo in the last General Election.