Groom's Mother Falls Dead After Poisoning at Ceremony

  • The mother to an intended groom and three other members of their entourage died after suspected poisoning at a dowry event in Kieni, Nyeri county.

    Nyeri Assistant County Commissioner for Kieni West, Samuel Kariuki, affirmed that the incident took place during a dowry ceremony held in Rodama village on Thursday.

    Scores of other representatives of the wedding party were rushed to Kariminu dispensary, having portrayed similar symptoms of food poisoning.

    Rodama residents at Kariminu dispensary where they went for a medical check-up

    Reports also revealed that Mugunda Ward MCA, Joseph Nderitu, was among 67 members present at the ceremony who fell sick and rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.

    Two other members of the groom's family and one Rodoma village resident were also reported to have died at the celebratory event that turned tragic.

    Eyewitnesses claimed that troubled started immediately after they were done indulging themselves in the bountiful feast prepared for the special event.

    The groom allegedly hired the cooks who prepared the meal, according to information from members present at the ceremony.

    Staff at the Kariminu dispensary revealed to Citizen Digital that all the members of the wedding party were being treated for stomach problems and diarrhoea.

    Image of food in food warmer plates at an event