EAGT Goes a Notch Higher With Invigorating Performances on Citizen TV

  • Levelling up! 

    That’s what the third episode of East Africa’s Got Talent did - taking it a notch higher with even more exhilarating performances.

    Everyone had a yearning for the cultural melting pot that was about to unfold, a desire to hear the sweet tunes, to see the magical acrobats and experience the energetic dancers that have made Sunday evenings worth looking forward to.

    The first act of the night was from Elizabeth Rafael Mataba, from Dar, Tanzania. In what was a first for many, she performed something she called Tissue Acrobatics.

    Elizabeth Mataba during her act on EAGT

    Her climbing and tumbling had the audience hanging on to their seats, afraid and captivated at the same time. The electrifying performance earned her four yesses.

    The second performance came from Tetemesha, a dance crew based in Nairobi Kenya. Their performance was a purely exhilarating blend of Hip-hop and Lingala, which had the judges and the audience nodding on.

    They also got four yesses to advance to the next stage.

    Jua Kali Drummers from Kenya left the judges mesmerised based on the fact that every musical instrument they were using was made from recycled materials. 

    Looking the part, the group drummed on and screamed, electrifying the room with their new sound and fresh performance.

    Rwanda was represented by the African Snake Girl, the young contortionist who learned her craft on Youtube. Her introduction was in style and pomp, worming her way out of a box, like an unfurling present.

    African Snake Girl performing on EAGT

    Like a snake, the African Snake girl twisted her boneless and seemingly spineless body into shapes that only snakes can. All through her performance, she had the audience grimacing, wanting to look away and wanting to see, all while she smiled, as if unaware of the discomfort the judges and her admirers were in.

    The judges did not need any convincing to give her the four yeses after the performance.

    Ugandan dancer Joker De Popalic was next. The 27-year-old solo dancer gave Joker a double meaning, having painted his face to look like the scary, no-nonsense film character and also infusing humour into his dance, water in the place of his bones.

    Kenya then returned to the scene with Chell, the first-ever magician on EAGT.

    The gasping reaction from the crowd shared their perceptions of magic, but when he was on the stage, he did tricks with a string and a sword and pieces of cloth that left many impressed.

    Chell, the first-ever magician on EAGT.

    A few tricks later, the emotional Chell got three yeses and moved to the next stage, and also changed my mind on magic.

    Famous Acrobat Brothers from Mombasa Kenya took the scene to the outdoors that many were dying to see.

    They showed just why they are called 'famous' by performing an act that involved climbing poles faster than a monkey would, and then tumbling down only to stop an inch off the ground.

    Going through that night also included Oscar Chiumo a violinist from Nairobi, and Godfrey Joseph who performed a saxophone version of My Heart Will Go On by Celine Deon using only his fingers and mouth, getting the crowd on its feet.

    Fijo, a 26-year-old rapper was the only victim of the dreaded four Xs only seconds into his rap performance.

    The magical African spirit was invoked when Himbaza Drummers from Burundi wafted into the room with drums as heavy as 50 kgs balanced on their heads. They drummed, ululated, jumped danced and sweated as the crowd watched on, transfixed.

    Himbiza dancers during their perfomance

    The best is saved for last, Team Makorokocho which was methodical, on point, and as memorable as they come. With ancient-themed hunting and war scenes, complemented by their costumes, the dance performance transported the audience from the dome and to faraway lands.

    It was no surprise when Jeff Koinange awarded them the second Golden Buzzer of the competition. 

    The Buzzer did not mask their performance, which is arguably the best we have seen so far. The other dance crews better up their game. Times ahead seem bleak for the weak.

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