How DeMathew Was Left to Die By Motorists - Witness Recounts

  • The late benga musician, John De'Mathew, could possibly have survived, had motorists heeded calls from a good samaritan to slow down and attend to him.

    According to an eyewitness who spoke exclusively to Kiss100 FM, he, together with another good samaritan identified as Peter, unsuccessfully tried to wave down cars for help.

    He disclosed that De'Mathew was apparently still alive after the accident. He added that he was shocked by the callous nature of Kenyan motorists who all sped off.

    The witness continued to narrate that he went to the accident scene after Peter gestured him to help.


    "I helped him stop other vehicles which were coming from behind while he removed the singer from the car. Most motorists refused to stop, thinking we were thugs stopping them," he revealed.

    The onlooker further claimed that even after removing the late singer from the wreckage, no motorists wanted to offer him a lift to the hospital.

    He stated that they eventually opted to use a matatu to ferry him to the hospital.

    "He wasn't talking but was breathing. His legs were still on the brake pedal and upper body between the two front seats. He was bleeding from the forehead and didn't utter a word. His eyes were closed," the witness narrated.

    De'Mathew, died in a road crash along the Thika Superhighway on Sunday evening, August 18, 2019, after his car rammed into a lorry near Blue Post Hotel.

    He was pronounced dead on arrival at Thika Nursing Home.