Uhuru Makes Special Request to De'Mathew's Family

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta, on Tuesday, made a special request to Kikuyu Benga legend John De' Mathew's family in regards to the funeral preparations for the musician.

    According to reports, the head of state requested for the burial be held earlier as opposed to the earlier set date.

    De' Mathew's close friend Peter Kigia disclosed that Uhuru made the request as he would be travelling outside the country the following week.

    "As artistes, we wanted the burial to be set for next week, but President Uhuru requested us to move it closer as he would love to grace the event. It was a humble request and we felt the need to honour it," Kigia was quoted by the Star.

    Kikuyu Benga musician John De' Mathew performing

    On Tuesday, Autopsy results revealed De' Mathew succumbed from internal injuries as he had chest injuries and broken ribs.

    "It was an accident and the normal procedure calls for a postmortem to be carried out to clear the doubts. Sometimes someone can be killed and be placed in the car but he's was just a normal accident, he died from internal injuries," Kigia told journalists.

    After news of his death broke, Uhuru sent a message of condolence and encouragement to the family, relatives, friends and fans of De'Mathew.

    “As a nation, we were privileged to have had such a brilliant artist who played a big role in promoting our African cultural heritage through his music. Indeed, we have lost an icon in the music industry. De Mathew championed and played a big role in preserving our cultural heritage,” the President stated. 

    Three weeks before his untimely death, however, the respected musician had taken a new task of spreading peace on behalf of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    The manner in which he made the delivery insinuated that he had met the Uhuru who even sent him to deliver a greeting to the people of Meru.

    On this tour, I have been tasked with preaching peace and unity. A country without peace doesn't forge forward. I only have one message, lets us give the head of state space to do his work.

    "Forget about these other discussions about years to come, and we don't even know if we'll be alive to witness," De'Mathew told his fans.