6 Reknown Divorce Cases That Headlined The Media

  • Marriage is a bed of roses filled with great moments and a few thorns as the couple builds their lives on the basis of the love they have for each other.

    But once things start going south for some couples, nothing can stop the free fall as they engage in mudslinging and the counter-accusations.

    The second is the reality for these six couples we will review in this articles.

    Mithika Linturi and Maryanne Kitany

    Meru Senator Mithika Linturi, and his wife Marianne Kitany, are embroiled in an acrimonious divorce.

    Senator Mithika Linturi and Maryanne Keitany

    They have been in and out of courts with Kitany filing for divorce while the senator claiming she can’t divorce him as she was never his wife.

    Jackson Kibor and Naomi Jeptoo

    The 86-year-old controversial farmer was granted a second divorce successfully after he ditched Naomi who was his third wife.

    Kibor had earlier divorced his second wife in October of 2018, Naomi and Kibor had been in the marriage for 43 years.

    The octogenarian was granted his wishes after he accused Jeptoo of deserting their matrimonial home together with their six children.

    Willy Mutunga and Beverle Michele Lax

    Former Chief Justice Mutunga filed for a divorce from his ex-wife in 2009 after nine years of marriage accusing her of cruelty.

    Lax, however, retaliated claiming that Mutunga denied her conjugal rights and demanded a payment of Ksh150,000 a month in maintenance.

    Phillip Moi and Rossana Pluda

    The son of the former president Daniel Arap Moi in 2012 was ordered to pay his ex-wife Rossana Pluda in excess of Ksh250,000 a month for maintenance as well as Ksh7 million lump sum following their separation.

    Philip, on the other hand, wanted the court to declare him bankrupt and therefore not in a position to meet Pluda’s demands.

    Pluda, however, presented to the court that her ex-lover could not possibly have been broke as he had bought a luxurious Ksh750,000 television and had installed a hot tub worth Ksh300,000 at his Muthaiga home.

    Phillip Moi and Rossana Pluda

    Hassan Wario and Kaltum Dima Guyo

    The former sports CS’s wife moved to court claiming that her ex-lover had not honoured his end of the bargain following their divorce in the UK on May 5, 2012.

    Mike Njeru and Anne Evelyn Wambui

    The owner of Transcend Media Group was in a divorce battle in 2014 with his wife after a 21-year marriage and three children.

    Wambui accused him of battering her and locking her out of their matrimonial home in Lavington. She cited assault and infidelity as some of the reasons for the divorce.

    She wanted her ex-husband to pay her Ksh 1.3 million as upkeep every month and a further Ksh3.3 million as school fees for their children.

    She also wanted Ksh10 million as insurance cover plus a court order restricting Njeru from accessing their home.

    Wangari Maathai and Mwangi Mathai

    Wangari and her husband, Mwangi, separated in 1977 and after a two-year separation, he filed for a divorce in 1979.

    Mwangi was said to have believed that Wangari was "too strong-minded for a woman" and that he was "unable to control her".

    He also accused her wife of infidelity as he claimed he was cheating on him with another Member of Parliament, which in turn, was thought to cause his high blood pressure.

    Willy Mutunga and Beverle Michele Lax