Officer Trades Census Machines for Alcohol in Drinking Spree

  • An ICT supervisor in the National Population and Housing Census, that starts on Saturday, has been sacked for losing his machines in a drinking spree.

    The official from Nyamira is said to have drunk alcohol and deposited the census gadgets as collateral.

    Nyamira County Commissioner Amos Mariba revealed that the officer sought to be served beer on loan and then offered to surrender the gadgets.

    Nyamira County Commissioner Amos Mariba

    It was however not clear the value of the alcohol that he had consumed before he decided to pay for the drinks with the machines.

    Mariba added that the official had been arrested after he missed a pre-census preparation and briefing meeting on Wednesday.

    "The ICT census supervisor was issued with a census tablet and a power bank and consequently went missing since Wednesday," stated Mariba, who is also the County Census Committee chairman.

    Police from Sengera police had a tough day after a search was mounted and the officer was located at a drinking joint.

    He later led the policemen to a different club, where the census machines were recovered.

    Japhan Wachiali, the head of statistics in the region, confirmed interdiction of the officer, saying he has been replaced.

    Meanwhile, Homa Bay County Commissioner Harman Shambi has banned night prayers during the census period.

    Homa Bay County Commissioner Harman Shambi