K24 Rebrands [VIDEO]

  • K24 TV was on Friday evening revamped, with a new logo and studio set up.

    The media house broke the news in a highly anticipated news bulletin, that went on air at 7pm. 

    The station is set to make an appeal to the younger generation that demands authentic, local and real-time content.

    “K24 relaunch is a strategic response to the market needs in a disruptive digital era that requires the injection of creative execution and delivering content on demand, to a younger and sophisticated audience.

    "Our goal is to deliver content in real-time, shift from traditional programming style and push more videos,” stated Mediamax acting Chief Executive Officer Ken Ngaruiya during the launch.

    An image of Betty Kyallo and the new station's logo

    The announcement was jointly made by the media house's news anchors, among them; Ann Kiguta, Betty Kyallo, Torome Tirike, Fred Indimuli, Frankin Wambugu, and Nancy Onyancha.

    Its first news Item, labeled as breaking, was a 'movie' that had been the talk of social media for almost a week,

    In the video, Betty Kyalo’s ‘father’, a role played by Franklin Wambugu is seen forcing her to marry a man she is not in love with.

    On the other hand, she is head over heels in love with another man, a role played by Pascal Tokodi, with whom they have fun with in secret, as she is being tracked by her ‘father’ and his goons.

    As the video is, the old fashioned Kyallo’s ‘dad’ is forcing her daughter to do things in a certain way, but she is attracted to something else that turns to be even better.

    The video is symbolic for the new exciting era that the media house is entering into, leaving traditional broadcast practices that have been disrupted by the advent of digital programming. 

    Below is the video;