I Dreamt About Car Accident 3 days Before His Death - De Mathew's Niece

  • During the funeral of renowned benga musician John De Mathew one of the children he sponsored opened up about having a premonition about a car accident, just 3 days before the deceased rammed into a truck along Thika Superhighway. 

    Lucy in her tribute revealed she had a nightmare that involved her real father, Evans Mburu Ng’ang’a who is De Mathew’s brother.

    She stated that in the dream, her father’s vehicle had been involved in an accident and burst into flames. 

    De'Mathew's Brorher Evans Mburu and The late Musicians wife Caroline Waithera

    In a bid to clear her head and protect her family from any evil that was lurking, Lucy took her rosary and prayed.

    Despite everything, she still felt uneasy and disturbed trying to figure out the meaning behind her nightmare.

    Three days later, Lucy received disturbing news that the man, who supported her and learnt to call daddy, had just died in a road crash.

    De Mathew’s second wife Carolyne Waithira wept uncontrollably as Lucy narrated her dream over her vision over her real father.

    Those who were also seen in tears included former Kiambu governor William Kabogo and Mburu (De Mathew’s brother).

    President Uhuru Kenyatta was also seen clutching his chin, struggling to hold back tears. 

    President Uhuru Kenyatta greet De'Mathew's wife