Victoria Rubadiri Abandons Job After 3 Months

  • Celebrated Citizen TV Anchor, Victoria Rubadiri, has walked away from her radio job just three months after signing on.

    In May 2019, Rubadiri joined pastor Anthony as the new host of Hot 96's Sunday morning show Arise on Hot.

    The run was, however, short-lived because, on Sunday morning, the award-winning anchor took to social media to announce that the August 25 edition was her last.

    "Top of the morning. It’s my final Arise on Hot show. Who’s up? ALC stand up and be counted," shared Rubadiri.

    A poster of Citizen TV Anchor Victoria Rubadiri and her co-host Pastor Anthony,

    It was, however, not clear why the revered anchor exited the station as our calls and text messages to her went unanswered.

    While making radio comeback, the mother of one had explained that she fell in love with the medium because her parents worked on the radio for over ten years and so it was like her second home.

    “So this is happening! Radio is really where the media bug first bit me when I was, wait for it...three years old! My parents were in radio for over 10 years and being in studio was like a second home.

    "My journey brings me back to this beloved platform to share, connect and inspire. I’m so excited! So tune in every Sunday morning and chime in!!" She shared at the time.

    Her radio fans expressed their disappointment for her departure with most demanding an explanation for the move.

    "Count me in and can't believe that you are leaving or have not understood the message," shared Rono Jeff.

    "Good morning Vicky. Where to?" Posed Nyakwach Vincent.

    Citizen TV anchor, Victoria Rubadiri.