Govt Issues Alternative for Kenyans Not Counted at End of Census

  • Government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna, on Sunday, announced that the Kenyans who would not have been counted in the set period would get a chance to be enumerated.

    Addressing the media, Oguna disclosed that the enumeration process would be conducted until August 31, 2019.

    He, however, noted that there might be factors that would make other Kenyan miss out from being counted.


    "If by the 31st, you have not been counted, we have given the toll-free line that you are supposed to call to indicate that you have not been counted.

    "Also, you can reach out to your area chief or sub-chief and let them know that you have not been counted," he stated.

    The hotline Toll-free number is 0800-221-020.

    He further cautioned politicians against politicising the national census stating that it was a statistical exercise aimed at helping the government in planning.

    “Kenyans must know that this is a statistical exercise and not a political exercise. So let everyone stay wherever he or she is and the census officials will come,” he conveyed.

    Oguna noted that six data capture kits which were to reported having malfunctioned on Saturday night when the national census got underway had since been replaced.

    “I am happy to inform you that the exercise has so gone well, and many Kenyans were at their households by the time enumerators got there and they were counted.

    Census officials at DP William Ruto's residence

    "I also understand that majority of Kenyans too are yet to be counted but they should not panic because the exercise goes until August 31,” he explained.