Sonko Snaps at Anne Kiguta After Getting Too Personal With Him [VIDEO]

  • Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, on Sunday night, snapped at K24 TV presenter, Anne Kiguta, after she got too personal with him during an interview.

    Known for fielding tough questions, the no-nonsense presenter revisited two cases in which the governor had gone after his Woman Representative, Esther Passaris, and Suba North MP, Millie Odhiambo, in strongly-worded expressions.

    Kiguta highlighted the instance in which Sonko attacked Passaris before a multitude of people claiming that he was not inclined to receive her phone calls as he was not her husband.

    He had previously also shared a Facebook post condemning Millie's reproductive health after he accused her of wedging an attack against him.

    Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris with Nairobi County Commisioner Flora Mworoa and Governor Mike Sonko at Pumwani Police Grounds on 1/6/2019

    Not impressed with her line of questioning, the governor reminded the host that she was going way too far and that she was asking irrelevant questions.

    He even got to a point where he told Kiguta that he was not her husband just the way he had done it to Passaris.

    "Why did you have to take it to the extreme of talking about her inability to bear children and shame her to that respect?" posed Kiguta.

    "Did you know what she posted before that? It looks like you should have done your research before asking," answered Sonko before explaining that the lawmaker had attacked his manhood.

    He also took that opportunity to explain why he made the outburst during the memorial ceremony of Ken Okoth in which he advocated for the rights of the late legislator's child with his lover, Anne Thumbi.

    "My problem with her started during the memorial ceremony of the late Ken Okoth. I just wanted the child to be recognised and I did not have any other problem but she took the matter and made it personal," Sonko explained.