Joho Forced to Act After Mombasa Supplier Found Dead

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho was, on Thursday, forced to take matters into his own hands after reports emerged that one of the county's supplier, Stephen Asher was found dead inside his house.

The matter was brought to the governor's attention by the deceased's friend, who goes under the Moniker MC Stano on Twitter. 

MC Stano was unclear about the cause of Asher's death, but he pointed out that frustrations and financial troubles could have led to his friend's death. 


In a series of tweets, MC Stano pleaded with the governor to intervene, claiming that Asher had not been paid his dues nearly two years after he had done business with the county.

'Dear Hassan Ali Joho, good evening boss. This was my friend Stephen Ashers. They found him dead in his room today. I write to you because this man supplied Mombasa County and unsuccessfully chased payment for over two years.

"I will not speculate on how he died. But I will speak the truth about how he lived. It was stress. Chasing money he had worked for."

MC Stano, who indicates he was a former employee of the County Government of Mombasa says he tried to use his networks in the county administration to help fast track his friend's payment but was unsuccessful.

"My friend Stephen Asher was young, intelligent and hard-working. But the pressure got to him. Financial trouble wore him down. It was clear to me the outstanding debt at Mombasa County cost him dearly," he tweeted.

In his rejoinder, the flamboyant governor promised to swing into action and ensure that justice prevails.

"Good evening to you too brother. I would like to know what he exactly supplied and all the relevant documents. I will personally pick up from there," Joho tweeted.


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