5 Stunning Traits Joho Shares With His Look-alike

  • You could be forgiven for thinking that Martin Mwenda Mugambi is Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho, due to their striking resemblance.

    That's the case for many Kenyans who come across Mugambi including police officers, who once arrested him for thinking that he was conning people by impersonating the governor.

    From sporting Joho's trademark facial looks to rocking his polished fashion sense and physique, you’ll instinctively have to take a second long glance just to tell them apart.

    Speaking to a local publication, the man who hails from Meru claimed that he has never met his father and doesn't mind being mistaken for Joho, since he is his role model.


    "What I know about my family is that I was brought up by my grandparents and my mother. I dont know much about my father. But I'm happy about it because Ali Hassan Joho is my role model and I would really love to work with him," he stated.

    "At least I'm getting famous. If I was to meet him, I would tell him that I'm so happy because I've come to meet so many people in his name," he added.

    The 'Meru-Joho' also humorously stated that women usually drool over him and that he cannot attend events without people jostling to take photos with him.

    He further disclosed that he is a staunch supporter of Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga and that he would ravish the chance to campaign for Joho's presidency if Raila decides not to vie.

    Besides being the Mombasa County Governor, Joho has made a name for himself as charismatic stylish politician, judging from his endless Instagram photo sessions.

    This, however, has not always boiled down so well with some of his constituents, who opine that the 46-year-old governor, now in his second and final term, should focus more on his role as a governor.