Bahati's Wife Recounts Being Cheated on Just Before Video Shoot

  • Kevin Kioko AKA Bahati and his wife Diana Marua's relationship has been in the limelight for the past couple of months.

    Speaking for the first time about their very first encounter, Diana opened up on when she caught her then-boyfriend cheating on her hours before she was scheduled to star on Bahati's video.

    Revealing that she was living in Syokimau at the time, and she was heading to the video shoot of Bahati's 2016 hit song Mapenzi when she found her boyfriend whom she referred to as 'Jay' engaging in a dalliance with another woman.

    In a video on her YouTube channel, Diana revealed that he found her boyfriend with the girl in the car pants down, literally. 

    Bahati and wife Diana Marua

    "I was walking out and I see Jay's car at the parking lot and I wanted him to drop me at the video shoot or give me the car I take myself. 

    "By the time I was getting to the car, I saw him struggling to put on a vest. My facial expression changed and I became suspicious.

    "I saw him throwing a blanket to the other women. I opened the car door and they fell out," Diana disclosed adding that she was dumbfounded.

    It was at this point at the video that Bahati interjected added that the events that occurred that morning saw them pursue a relationship.

    "I am here waiting for you to come to the video and on the other side, you are being heartbroken. I thank God for what happened that morning because that's what brought us together," he stated to which Diana agreed.

    Here is the video: