Citizen TV Anchors Rush to Defend Colleague After Ndindi Nyoro's Arrest

  • Citizen TV journalists have defended a fellow colleague who became the subject of online conversations after his live coverage of the arrest of Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro in Murang’a, on Monday evening. 

    Victor Kinuthia, who is attached to sister station Inooro, which broadcasts in vernacular, was called in to cover the breaking news.

    A section of citizens criticised the young man’s reporting and command of English. 

    Royal Media Services reporter Victor Kinuthia. He came under heavy criticism after covering the arrest of Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro

    “Watching this Citizen TV reporter report that Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro has been arrested Live from Murang'a, reminds me of the importance of reading and preparing well for an examination before stepping into the exam room,” posted a Twitter user by the name Mboya. 

    News anchors from Royal Media Services shielded Victor from the condemnation that is known to befall anyone who becomes a trending topic on social media.

    Yvonne Okwara explained that “it was his first time. He will get better with time. We all start somewhere. We will train him.”

    “You won't be laughing in a few years! Let's cut him some slack. We believe in him. He will go places. We will walk with him,” she added. 

    “It happens to the best of us. This job isn’t easy but the beauty about this experience is Victor will learn and get better with time. Mistakes are a human condition,” posted Victoria Rubadiri.

    Fellow news anchor, Hussein Mohamed, argued that while in many professions, mistakes can be hidden, in journalism, they are broadcasted.

    “So give Victor Kinuthia a break. It was his first live link in a chaotic scene. He’ll learn like many of us. Let’s revisit this when he makes it in a few years, In Sha Allah,” he posted on Twitter. 

    The station’s senior political reporter Francis Gachuri, also weighed in stating that “I stand with Victor. For a fulltime young Inooro TV correspondent to take up the challenge and try out an English live link on prime time TV is courage. He may have faltered but it was a valuable learning experience and opportunity. He will build on it,”