Miguna's Bet on Mariga in Kibra Race

  • Vocal lawyer, Miguna Miguna on Tuesday, September 10, weighed in on footballer McDonald Mariga's predicament in the highly anticipated Kibra mini poll.

    Miguna was reacting to the IEBC's decision to invalidate Mariga's candidature after his name was found missing from the voters' register. 

    While priming his prediction that Mariga would lose the race either way, Miguna penned a sobering account of how previous voter register hitches had been resolved, giving some hope to Mariga. 

    McDonaldMariga pictures at the IEBC offices on September 10, 2019. His candidature was invalidated by IEBC

    "It turns out that McDonald Mariga is actually a registered voter. My feeling (unscientific) is that Mariga will most likely lose the Kibra by-election to Imran Okoth," he posted.

    "In 2007 when opposition leader Raila Odinga beat former president  Mwai Kibaki, his name was missing from the voters' register. The ECK was forced to allow him to vote by the Kibera residents. Raila's name was missing again in 2013," reminisced Raila.

    According to the lawyer who already declared his support for ODM candidate Benard 'Imran' Okoth, President Uhuru Kenyatta had a hand in Mariga's woes.

    This, according to him was because of the strained relationship between the president and his Deputy, William Ruto.

    "I support Imran but Uhuru shouldn't lockout Mariga because of Ruto," Miguna declared.

    After analysing a copy of the footbal star's acknowledgement card copy that was authenticated by a practicing advocate, he (Miguna) concluded that it was proof enough that Mariga is a registered voter.

    "An advocate with a practicing license has authenticated the document. As a practicing advocate, I must believe the authenticity of the document unless it is proved not to be authentic. It is as simple as that. Prove that the advocate committed a fraud before I can doubt it," he challenged.

    The sharp-tongued lawyer further conducted a comparison between his voters card and that of the former football legend to reinforce his argument.

    He went on to demand, albeit on Twitter, that Uhuru's calls a truce with his deputy and grant Mariga the chance to "lose fairly".

    "However, democracy demands that he should lose in a fair and credible election. Uhuru's despotism must be stopped," he asserted.

    Jubilee and ODM supporters peacefully greeting each other during their campaigns in Kibra on Monday, September 10. This was before Mariga's candidature was invalidated by IEBC after his name was found missing in the voter register.