How CCTV Footage Landed Suspected Bodaboda Rapist in Police Custody

  • Police officers in Nairobi arrested two people in connection with the gruesome case of a 17-year-old girl who was drugged and defiled, The Standard reported on Thursday, September 12.

    The girl was reportedly found dumped inside an unfinished building in Nairobi about 16 hours after her sister had escorted her to the Nairobi Bus Station stage on September 2.

    Police officers in Kamukunji, through the help of CCTV footage in Nairobi streets, have reportedly managed to arrest two suspects, one of them a bodaboda operator who picked the girl, 17, from the bus station and took her to the Khoja matatu terminus.

    CCTV cameras in the Nairobi streets. The presence of these cameras has made it easier for police to unravel cases that would have otherwise gone unsolved.

    The Standard reported that the CCTV footage showed the girl climbing onto the bodaboda at the Nairobi Bus Station and then her sister paying the bodaboda rider before he pulled out of the stage.

    The bodaboda then took Uyoma Road to join Munyu Road and then towards Khoja matatu stage where the cameras lose the bodaboda. A few minutes later, the bodaboda is seen heading back to the bus station from a camera placed near the location without the passenger.

    Police are reportedly checking CCTV footage from other buildings around the place to ascertain what happened, but they believe that the defilement took place between the times when the rider was out of CCTV sight.

    Her sister told The Standard that on September 2, at 5 p.m., she escorted her younger sister to the bus stage on her way to their rural home in Ndeiya, Kiambu County, but she never got home that day.

    She woke up the next day at 9 a.m. covered with a shuka in an abandoned building, drugged and barely able to walk. She narrated that a passerby helped her get onto the bus to her home, in great pain.

    Her mother then noticed the state she was in, and alarmed, she asked what the problem was, but the victim reportedly didn't want to tell her.

    "She looked depressed and was walking with difficulty. She went straight to her room and started crying. I got alarmed and asked her what her problem was but she refused to talk to me. I rang her elder sister who spoke with her," she is quoted.

    Khoja bus terminus in Nairobi where the rape victim was supposed to take a bus to her rural home in Ndeiya, Kiambu County.

    The family took her to Limuru Nursing Home then later to Tigoni Level 4 Hospital where the doctors retrieved the keys from her private parts and gave it to the police as an exhibit.

    Police in Tigoni referred the case to Kamukunji, where officers went ahead to pore through CCTV footage and eventually netted the two suspects who are currently in custody.