Faithful Waitress Rewarded After Returning Ksh60,000 Lost Money

  • Eva Karendi, a 23-year old waitress from Kirinyaga County has been promoted by her boss after returning a purse containing Ksh60,000 to a customer who had been in the hotel the night before.

    Apart from her promotion by the hotel, the owner of the lost purse has also promised to support her in upgrading her education.

    Citizen Digital reported on Thursday, September 12, that Karendi, a waitress at Nice Digital City Hotel in Ngurubani Town, Mwea Constituency, had stumbled upon a purse at the hotel long after the customer had left.

    It is reported that the client had left Ksh60,000 behind after she unknowingly dropped her wallet on her way out of the restaurant.

    At first, she thought it was a bomb so in fear she called her colleagues and showed them the thick purse.

    “I saw the strange item and was not sure what it was so I called my colleague. We checked inside and we were shocked to find Ksh 60,043,” she was quoted.

    She further stated that while she was surprised with the find, her Christian values would not allow her to keep the purse since it was not hers.

    The director of the facility, Charles Njiru, told Citizen Digital that the owner of the purse had called in the morning inquiring about the lost purse.

    She introduced herself as Esther Mbaabu, a tutor at Meru Teachers' College, Meru County and stated that she had accidentally dropped the bag and had not noticed it until long after she had left the hotel.

    She has just been transferred to the Bishop Lawi Imathiu Day School, in North Imenti. When asked to reveal the contents of the purse, she reportedly told the manager that the bag had Ksh60,000 and a few coins that she had dropped in.

    She further alleged that she had misplaced the money after dropping her daughter in school on Sunday.

    A lady's purse.

    “My husband and I had a meal at Nice Digital Hotel and made our way back to his car. I had not realized I had carried my purse into the hotel. I also did not have to, since I was not the one footing the bill for the meal. It was only after he dropped me at the Heritage Hotel at Nkubu that we realized my purse was not in the car,” recounted Mbaabuu.

    The money, she revealed, was meant for destitute children.