Video Exposes How K24TV Staged Stunts for Publicity

  • Editing videos, especially to give them a cinematic effect, takes expertise, an eye for what's appealing and perfect timing. Without these, a well-envisioned action scene can be a flop that will leave audiences disappointed.

    K24TV rebranded on August 24, 2019, unleashing its new logo and a host of improvements to its regular programming. 

    Announcing the changes, the station aired a video meant to symbolise their new era with various anchors including Betty Kyallo, Franklin Wambugu, Isabella Kituri and Shiksha Arora taking up roles in the action movie.

    The station also tapped into the acting prowess of Pascal Tokodi who played a young man seeking to marry a girl he loves (played by Betty) who is betrothed to another man.


    The two love birds fight against the forces against their relationship. In a particular fight scene where the couple is waylaid by a gang led by Betty's former fiance, they unleash some martial arts moves to fend the attackers.

    The scene is clearly choreographed as the blows and kicks appear exaggerated with most blows landing softly and some not making contact with the other actors - with angling and editing, the small details weren't visible in the final video. 

    The video posted on the actor's social media page, on Thursday, August 12, gives a glimpse of how the action-packed scene was shot.

    Like many movies, the fighting was staged with the actor, Tokodi, taking direction from the director, Mugambi Nthiga, who ensured he got the perfect shots to properly portray a fight scene.

    The stunts were executed in a controlled environment with the actors careful not to inflict injury on each other.

    At the end of the scene, after the star actor has defeated all the villains, the director is heard advising Tokodi to hold a pose, 'Hero pose.'

    Once they have the clip, Mugambi yells 'Cut!" and the actor is seen taking a sigh of relief.

    All in all the final product was impressive with the fight scene well executed by the acting and the editing team.

    Here is the video: