Woman Launches Scathing Attack on Gov Ngilu

  • A video emerged online on September 13, 2019, of a Kitui resident launching a scathing verbal attack of the area Governor Charity Ngilu.

    The incensed woman listed projects that the governor had promised to work on during the campaign period, but failed to complete them.

    In the undated video that is branded Kitui Online, the woman also criticised the governor for deploying individuals she described as outsiders, rather than employing the locals.

    Gov Ngilu driving a tractor during the launch of a health and food project

    "Let me tell you that this will be your end. We will show you and teach you, we don't want you and have refused your leadership, " the woman complained in Swahili.

    Those who were surrounding the woman clapped for her as she vented out her frustrations towards the first term county head.

    The unidentified woman noted that despite having paid for medical cards, residents still had to fork out cash on every visit to public medical institutions, claiming that the money had ended up in the governor's accounts.

    "We thought you were a great woman but you have just confirmed you only dress like one and nothing more," she added.

    The lady also criticised Ngilu'a water project claiming she had lied to the public that she had completed them.

    "Just pack your things and slowly walk home. Resign and walk home," the woman added.

    She urged the governor to quit and go home without being kicked out of office accusing her of misusing their Ksh15 million,