Angry Passengers Kick Driver Out of Modern Coast Bus [VIDEO]

  • In a video posted online by Road Safety and Safe Driving Practices on September 1, 2019, a bus driver found himself in passengers' bad books after allegedly driving too fast and overtaking carelessly.

    The Modern Coast Bus had departed Mombasa on its way to Nairobi when the passengers noticed that the driver was more keen on speed than their safety.

    A screenshot of the tweet by Road Safety and Driving Practices. Thye alleged that passengers of the Modern Coast forced the driver out of the bus after calling the head office and explaining his reckless actions.

    One of them allegedly walked over to the driver and confronted him about his careless driving.

    The irate driver instead of listening to the passengers stopped the bus and angrily addressed the travelers, reminding them of his vast driving experience. 

    In the video, the driver can be seen castigating those seated at the back of the bus for complaining, despite their insistence that they were more interested in their safety, not the driver's hurry to get to the destination.

    "He should not drive this bus. He is either drunk or on drugs. He should get out," a passenger is heard stating.

    Road Safety and Safe Driving Practices on their Twitter page reports that the passengers then called the Modern Coast offices, after which the driver was sent packing.

    This is not the first time the passengers of the Modern Coast buses are complaining about rogue drivers playing Russian Roulette with their lives.

    In April 2019, a passenger complained to the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) that a bus being driven from Busia to Nairobi was being driven recklessly.

    He claimed that the driver would not slow down when he got to bumps and would be driving at neck-breaking speeds and that the efforts to make their voices heard were ignored by the wayward driver.

    Their complaints to the main office, however, are alleged to have elicited quick reactions with the driver being replaced.

    This scenario comes in the wake of a grisly road accident involving a Modern Coast bus in Uganda that caused multiple fatalities and injuries.