Meet 16-year-old Disabled Boy Who Crawls 1.5KM to School [VIDEO]

  • Few people would claim to embody Aristotle's saying 'the roots of education are bitter but the fruits are sweet'  more than 16-year-old Gilbert Otyeng, a standard four pupil at St Dominic Aderema Primary School in Teso South, Busia. 

    The teenager is definitely going through the bitter phase as he aspires to be a big shot doctor after completing his education.

    Unlike his schoolmates who walk to school on a daily basis, Otyeng has to go that extra mile and crawl their, because of his physical disability.

    Collage image of Gilbert Otyeng in the past.

    The aspiring doctor crawls for a minimum of 6km daily since he also goes back home for lunch which translates to 30km a week in search of an education.

    And when it rains, it becomes a double tragedy for the boy. Otyeng narrated how difficult his life has been for the past 11 years.

    The teenager lost the effective use of his lower limbs at the age of five when they became paralysed.

    “It has been a painful experience for me, waking up very early to crawl to school. I have to return home for lunch, go back for afternoon lessons then in the evening I go home,” Otyeng stated.

    “Otyeng got disabled when he was five years and since then, things have never been the same again for my son,”  his mother, Rosa Pali, revealed.

    He is the seventh-born in a family of nine children.

    UPDATE: On Thursday, September 19 The 16-year old boy received a wheelchair from well-wishers.

    Gilbert Otieng' gets a wheelchair from well-wishers.

    Below is the video courtesy of SDV: