Police Battle Crowds Siphoning Fuel From Overturned Tanker [PHOTOS]

On Thursday, September 19, a fuel tanker overturned in Kamara, on Nakuru-Eldoret Highway.

Daily Nation reported that soon after, police arrived and engaged in running battles with residents who were keen on siphoning oil.

The officers are reported to have dispersed the crowd, cordoned off the scene and diverted traffic to a rough road further from the site.

Residents and passersby siphoning fuel from the lorry that was involved in an accident in Kamara. Police moved in to cordon the scene and diverted the vehicles to another path.

It is alleged that the driver of the tanker was attempting to overtake another lorry when he lost control of the fuel tanker which then tumbled over.

Some residents who responded to the tragedy are reported to have been able to siphon fuel before police officer swung into action and scattered them away.

The Nakuru-Eldoret highway is synonymous with tankers as it connects Nakuru to Eldoret, from where many of the tankers make their way to Uganda, which is 345 kilometres away from Eldoret Town.

The road is also known to be one of the most notorious blackspots in the country.

In February 2019, there was an accident involving a Greenline bus heading to Nairobi from Uganda region that claimed the lives of 9 people.

In 2017, Kalenjin musician Weldon Cheruiyot of Kenene International and four members of his troupe lost their lives after being involved in an accident at almost the same spot as where the lorry keeled over.

It is also on the same highway that the Sachang'wan tanker tragedy took place in February, 2009. A fuel tanker burst into flames just two hours after it overturned, claiming the lives of people who were siphoning fuel at the scene.

The accident is reported to have directly cost the lives of 277, with 130 of the victims burnt beyond recognition.

Here is the video of the tanker scene on Thursday September, 19:

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