13-Year-Old Commits Suicide After Parent's Punishment

  • A 13-year-old girl committed suicide after her parents punished her for not coming home when school ended on Friday.

    Citizen TV reported on Monday, September 23, that the class seven pupil from Molo, Nakuru County did not show up at her house on Friday night.

    According to the girl's father, her daughter spent the night at their neighbour's place without informing her parents that she would not be coming home.

    The girl returned on Saturday morning where she met her parents who were angry at her for not asking for permission before sleeping at their neighbour's house.

    Suicide cases

    The father beat her after her mother had summoned her to their house. He then left for the farm that morning leaving the girl in the house.

    It is reported that she locked herself in her room and remained there until her father came back.

    After calling out her name severally, the father decided to break down the door to be met with the horrifying sight of the lifeless body of her daughter dangling from a rope in her room.

    The incident comes just over a week after Jackeline Chepng'eno, a 14-year-old girl, committed suicide after being shamed by her teacher for her periods.

    The class six pupil at Kabiangek Primary School in Bomet County had stained her school uniform in class since she did not have sanitary pads.

    The teacher reportedly ridiculed her in front of her classmates and further humiliated her by sending her out of class. 

    After getting home at 10 a.m. on the fateful day, The Star reported that the girl narrated her ordeal to her mother who advised her to clean up and return to school. She, however, was found hanging from a tree near her family's tea farm on the afternoon of the same day. 

    In June 2019, The Star reported another suicide case where two 14-year-old girls took insecticide inside their dormitory.

    The two girls from West Pokot County mixed acaricide, a mite and tick poison with water and drunk it. One ended up dying while the other was hospitalized at The Moi Referral and Teaching Hospital in Eldoret.

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